Has anyone had a Work Capability Assessment in relation to Employment Support Allowance ?

I'm having mine in 2 weeks (22 weeks after i first claimed - supposed to be 13 week "assessment" phase).Have no idea what to expect , i filled in a questionnaire ages ago but what does this "assessment" cover ? I was forced to retire early (am 46yr old) Atos told my employer i should retire early AND my GP has signed me off since i finished work ? I actually believe that they don't believe me (DWP/ATOS that is) when i tell them i am a Parkie !!

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  • I knoe just what you mean! I have been dx as Parkie for four years now, and 3 years ago I had to retire early fron work ( I am 59 now ), as I could not carry out my job as a cook due to my being a health and safety risk in the kitchen. I was signed off by my GP, but after my assessment, the Atos doctor told me I was fit to find work. As my condition progressed, and I began to suffer from depression and anxiety, I was once again signed off by my GP, only for Atos to say I was fit to work! The doctor told me that as I has walked in with only a stick, by myself, I was capeable of going to work! He was not interested in my saying that this was a good day. The staff at my local jobcentre have told me they do not aggree with Atos, but they have to accept the findings. I would appeal but my nerves are not good enough to go through the hassle of a tribuneral. Be strong, Christine

  • Thanks Christine , Sometimes these ATOS people just need to be aware of how much us Parkies fluctuate through the day. I can go from struggling with zips and buttons , needing help to get dressed , to being able to go for a run , then stuttering and slurring so badly i can't be understood - all in the space of a few hours !! Hopefully they'll catch me on a "bad day" when i go for my assessment !!

  • GO in unmedicated? IF you can get there that way. Good luck.

  • I'll "highlight" the negatives - wear my favourite jacket that i can fasten up but can't unfasten without help. I already know my speech will go "wobbly" due to the stress as will my tremour - so i'll be quivering like a jelly - hopefully this will highlight how stupid these "work capability assessments" are - i was forced to retire at 45yrs old due to PD , so why do i need to prove i'm not some malingerer when i have been diagnosed with a recognised medical condition ? Oh , and i will definitely not be going on my own - i'll get my wife to take me ?

  • good luck! my daughter was forced to go on long term disability due to a TBI because of brain tumor surgery at 48. And me with PD I was able to work until 67 (dx at 62) Hope it all works out for you!

  • Hi

    I was wondering if you are in touch with Parkinsons UK- Scotland. Their information and support workers should also be a resource and support for you at this time.

    Best wishes for your interview.

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