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Have been told to place my heel down first when walking

My physiotherapist has told me when walking always to put my heel to the ground first. I believe this is to stop me tripping. I am trying to do this and think it helps, especially on uneven ground.

Wondered whether this could be helpful to anyone else if you do not already do this. I think I probably put my toes to the ground first and have been stumbling.

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Yes, walking heel to toe is very helpful. I have shoes that "force/help me walk heel to toe. I also try to exaggerate my steps.


hi sue

yes heel t oe helps balance as welll

as my TAI CHI shows

love jill



i have a problem doing just that - cannot put my heels down first -- i will really try to do this from now on thanks


when I'm "off" I have to talk myself through walking.

Lift knee, flex foot, plant heel first, roll forward to toes, repeat other side.

oh, and swing the arms

I feel like a baby learning to walk sometimes.

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i cannot macrc wiht my arms any more

and need to concentrate justt on thee walking bit

liek heel toe h t etc etc

love jill :-)


Oh for the good old days when we could just walk without thinking about it! I can TOTALLY relate to your post - but I'm this way most of the time, on or off.


I ve been told that as well. Have always started with toes!

Also advised to put leg up on chair each morning and evening while standing to stretch hamstrings..avoid becoming stiffer..


good idea !


I have recently found a company that makes stylish shoes and sneakers with hidden springs in the heels that absorb shock and tend to propel you forward. They are in California and make shoes for both genders. There is a thirty day free trial. Gravity Defyer: 800-429-0039 or Also comes with a variety of orthotic inserts to supplement the set included for those with high arches or flat feet. Another company, X coil has large exposed springs for heels that I have been using for balance. Big conversation magnet. Heavier and less stylish and more expensive. X-Coil is in New Mexico. also on line.


Thanks for this information. I will see if I can find anything similar in the UK.


Yes indeed! Heel toe is my mantra. It sometimes requires great effort and mindfulness, but shuffling leads to tripping and weak butt muscles :(


And remember to swing those arms. Never walk with your hands in your pockets.


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