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Does anyone have a problem getting feet on ground after swimming

I have never been a very good swimmer, preferring the sea to a pool. However, this problem hit me about three years ago when away on holiday. We went on a boat trip, and no I didn't jump overboard, but waited until we reached a lovely little bay.

Everyone went swimming and as it was so hot, I joined them. I was swimming around, not in deep water, when I decided to stand up but I couldn't get my legs down to stand up. The next thing I knew I was being rescued by the Captain of our boat, who towed me back to the beach. Not a toy boy by any stretch of the imagination - but who had noticed I was in trouble.

Since then I have always suffered the same problem and now only swim to the side of the pool where I can catch hold of the side to stand up. This means I am not able to swim in the sea. I just don't understand this difficulty and wondered if anyone could shed some light on it.

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\hi court

i ahave always love d swimmign and aqua aerobics etc and found prior to diagnosis (wiht PspP) that i coudl nto put my feet down in the pool and coudl nto co-ordinate my arm adn leg movements and was flounderign

so have had to give up my wonderful exercise fo choice..

is this of oany help

love jill and a :-) for the weekend


Thanks Jill. At least I know that someone else has experienced this problem. Thought it may be just me.

Have a good weekend and keep smiling.



Yes, I do. I am fine while standing in a pool of water but if I sit on the seat in the water my legs will float to the surface and I can't get them down by myself. The same thing happens if I float on my back and then try to get my legs and feet to the bottom of the pool. Everyone knows this so I have many lifeguard friends and my husband to keep me upright. It just keeps getting better and better, doesn't it? We just have to keep going in hopes that a cure will come sooner rather later.


Thanks for this reply. I could never float well before this problem!!


i have the same problem - tried swimming with a sorkel and found it ok as long as when i got to the other side i could manage to cling on to the side a struggle to get my legs down !!


i have just seen anemones answer below too and it is good to wear a large rubber ring and practice walking acroos the pool -


I am not a good swimmer either, but I do love the water. Last time I tried walking into the sea, I was knocked over and that was that. I cannot stand up even in the shallowest of water--water trying to knock me over. However, having said that, I have taken to exercising in swimming pools. I work on my balance, etc., and get a good workout without the fear of falling on my face or anything else. It doesn't hurt to fall in the water. My legs are my main problem, but this seems strange that the water works best for me. I don't go in deep areas, however, because of cramping. Good luck.


Yes it first started when I found I was swimming in circles. My right side only is affected -I was panicking as I could not get to the edge or stand up. -in swimming pools that slope on the bottom it is also hard; I am afraid to stand up after swimming but learnt to put my legs up under my chin and then they go down. I go to an aquarobics for seniors class but like you I get cramp and have to be careful doing what I can; There are plenty there with arthritis etc;so everyone is very nice;Its all easier with floats.

Like you I loved basic swimming but I get tired from the effort of trying to swim in a straight line.. not sure if it will improve with practice!


Need to lose some weight so thought about aquaerobics. However, am worried in case I run into problems. I notice that you go and as you seem to have similar symptoms to me thought I would give it a try - especially as classes are free in my area at the moment!!

Do you ever have any problems in the water? I really should find the confidence to give it a try. Will make some enquiries.


Yes it is scarey because of the balance and one sided strength but others have other problems some not all the same. I join in what i can and pluck up courage to try more. Lean back on long float and now realise i can stand up when i put my knees up. Problem is i feel very tired the next day, after any exercise class i seem to need a day off. Are you in uk like me? I have never met anyone with pk ever!


Yes I live in the UK. It is good to be in contact with someone whose symptoms appear to be very similar to my own.

I dont have contact with anyone else who has Parkinsons as I have chosen not to join any clubs at the moment, though I may do so in the future,



Ihave been diagnosed in france by 3 neurologists but havent seen a neurologist here yet. I'm waiting to see one. It happened to me 3 years ago when I had 2 frozen shoulders and one took a long time going back, got nodules in palm of hand and fingers started to shake on that hand. for 3 years they have been saying no to pd. had brain scan which was clear last summer in france and got told then. Have not taken any medication. RTRE pills from naturpath Jan de Fries and am seeing harley st dentist who thinks it may be mercury poisoning, my bite/jaw alignment and infected root fillling so am paying out for that. Homeopath is paris says not pd and has given me something called xray. No changes so far ;;acupuncture seems to balance me more and helped with coordination.

recent symptoms have been slurred speech sometimes; cramp; water going down wrong way and less toilet control.

what happened with you? how long has it been? Are you taking meds?

im in se england.


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