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A killer dress

A killer dress

I have a killer dress for my birthday party this weekend. It was off the internet and cost just a few quid, as I continue never to spend over £20 on anything and usually exit a charity shop with 5 things for that budget.

Now I guess this is a bit of a girly blog but hang in there guys there's some stuff I believe we all could take time to think about.

I've always loved fashion and clothes, its a passion and well before PD an obsession I admit it! I had a bit of a hard time when I was first diagnosed and lost a lot of weight ... UK size 16 down to a 6/8. Half my body weight went. I looked like a ghost, but the joy of knowing I could wear just about anything I wanted was new to me and I liked it.

Slowly I became food tolerant again and in the past 12 months have munched my way back into a 12++ and am slightly fatter than I would like. It has meant the sale and purchase of so many clothes I can not begin to tell you.

Clothes for me are an extension of who I am. They all say we make decisions on what we like after a 10 second visual, for me that means people too? surely...

But it is so so much more than that... its about self esteem, confidence, feeling your best, making an impression. And all of those take on a new level of importance with PD, well they did for me.

So I make an effort everyday, I never slob around the house, a 'onesy' makes me shudder and I take a real pride in my appearance. It definitely helps...

So try a 'dress up' day Friday and see who comments.... and see if it makes you feel good.

This is what I mean by killer....

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....AND that pride shows, too! Good for you!


And you look great cant stand boneyard women


Your right it's so good when you make the effort to look well you gain a lot of inner confidence and feel so much brighter. You also don't waste time with negative thoughts about how you are coming across to people you can just relax, concentrate on whatever you're doing and enjoy the moment. Good topic - thanks


hi colleen

#happy birthday 1stof all

you are like me = clothes have always been im;portnat ot em and detrmien who i am or woulf like to be

but since gettign the PSP dxs i have been wearing knee pads24/7 which has meant a big change in my wardrobe

no skirts above calf level / no shorts/ no cutoff trousers



nbu ti hope to dress ok 4 each day and be colour co-ordindated

thansk fo ryour positiv input as always

and hey 50 is the new 30 etc etc




I agree with you totally. Looking our best is one of the few things that we still have control over and it is so very important for our self esteem! You are lovely. :)

Happy Birthday!


Have a very Happy Birthday. HH. I'm sure you'll look fabulous! :-) :-)


I agree--I get lots of compliments and it keeps me from bitching about how awful I feel :) I do the slop thing inside the house. You're right not to. I'm enjoying the new slender me, also, but I WANT MY BUTT BACK! :D

thanks, HH


SLOB NOT slop :P


Happy Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy your day and enjoy your dress.. I miss dressing up - guess I'll give it a try. Thanks for reminding me how good dressing up makes you feel.


Since I am trying harder than ever to keep a positive attitude I too took your advice and tried on a jazzy dress.... it didn't work. It upset my wife. Strangely, I felt it might have been better if I had frilly little undergarments to complete the experience.




LOL!! How are you doing in a cooler climate? It's been warm in AZ. Hope you are well.


I find it easier to dress up with layers than to deal with the heat.


I can relate to can only take off so much. LOL!!


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