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50 and a man with a canoe

So I reached 50, it was a nice quiet day. I went kind of reflective for an hour, I'm calling that my 'OMG I'm 50' moment. It was short. The most concerning thing was whether now I have to hang up the PVC disco shorts, and I decided no, they should have been hung up 30 years ago so it was a bit late.

It won't pass by uncelebrated as there follows a bit of a do this weekend.


All of that has been upstaged by a man called Simon, a PWP early 40's from Darlington. My first impression was of a competent, genuine, straight down the line kind of a guy. Simon is what he says on the tin ..... competent genuine straight. More importantly he is on a mission, a big one and thats to make something good happen ( we all know that strategy cancel out bad with good. ) and they happen all the time.

Thing is this Simon does not procrastinate, he doesn't get self promotion, he is quiet and considered. He says he cannot 'fix' Parkinsons so he's trying to raise money to progress the path to a cure. He's doing rather well.

Why do I mention him, well its this, he gets on with things, he rarely moans, is never pessimistic he is what I would say a natural leader. He has just retuned from paddling a canoe 65 miles. And is planning some crazy hovercraft idea.

To some he will be an inspiration, my second pet hate words in relation to the PD community the other one being "Hope". To me he is energy, motivation and determined.

We can all use some of that .... check him out fix Parkinsons

Kindest C

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Yup. Top man!


Great post C! I absolutely agree with your pet hate words.....Tony x


HOW inspiring ! I use the Hate word also, bad habit....need to stop it!!!


You are all more than welcome to come along on the next big challenge - thanks for the words of encouragement.....


I must learn to procrastinate soon. lol


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