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I had my first part of DBS on May 14 and the second part on May 21st

Yesterday I went to have it turned on. I have a lot of faith that this is going to work well for me. I had the DBS done at Monroe Regional Hospital in Ocala. The neurosurgeon was fantastic and I am also blessed to have a wonderful Movemen tDisorder neurologist and programmer. I want to tell anyone who is considering this surgery that it is not so bad and very little pain.

I will try to give updates on my progress.

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I had the surgery done in Houston, tx on march 27th and I had both parts done at the same time and DBS works, the surgery is not bad or painfully and I am so happy with the results I would do it again in a minute


Congratulations. I had DBS 3 1/2 years ago and have had no tremors since. Good luck to you.


Thanks Ccobroussard &Laurel. It is so nice to hear about positive results. Hopefully we are helping someone to make a decision.

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I went thru a year of complications with two post surgical infections and 5 surgeries. That was two years ago and i would do it all again! The result was and is still worth every bit.


I had the surgery in Jan, of 2007 at University of MD Hosp. in Bltimore. Best thing I ever did! Good luck!.


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