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Okay, it may seem a long way off but the editorial deadline for the next issue is 30th of June. And the central theme for the issue is CREATIVITY!

We want to hear about your stories of newly found or rediscovered creativity. Did the drugs help or hinder? Has it been sustained or was it fleeting? Did you become an artist since being diagnosed? Let us know. On the move, like everything Parkinson's movement does, is led by patients.

Don't be shy -- tell us your story.

E-mail me at j_a_stamford at (still having problems with PM e-mail I'm afraid)

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I was always a creative person, probably less actively since PD has become worse. The tremors in my hands make it harder to draw. Yesterday I had a paintbrush in my hand which I had a hard time controlling.

There does seem to be people on this site who discovered their creativity after diagnosis and I applaud them!


Hello jon..I like writing poetry which probably started before I was diagnosed but thank goodness for my laptop as it enables me to continue enjoying it. I would never be able to write as much by hand even with the medication. I never use a mouse though as I doubt if I could click it. Is there a space for poetry on this site connected to Parkinson's?


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