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Thinking about writing about thinking about walking

After my Qi Gong class yesterday I took a challenging little hike into a wild canyon bizarrely situated near the geographic center of my hometown, up a steep rocky trail that leads to a little shopping center that sports my pharmacy. I was focused on the trail and the beautiful day unfolding all around me. I stocked up on my meds and on Dove brand dark chocolate, my secret drug, and began to descend into the canyon, taking a different trail.

I started thinking about how great it was, how strong and stable I felt, how important it is to take on these little challenges, and how nice it would be to share it with you guys. That’s precisely when my foot drop caused me to stumble badly.

My body responded correctly. A reflex response allowed me to keep my balance and I did not fall, saving myself from what could have been a dangerous tumble down the slope.

Lessons for me:

1) be confident, not over-confident

2) be in the moment, as opposed to thinking about writing about being in the moment

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I also self medicate myself with Dove dark chocolate, it is suppose to be good for you.

I also have times when I feel blessed to be able to work normally, at least at that moment and what SEEMS normal to me. :)


loved this tell me about dove brand dark choc


DArk chocolate is alleged to be good for PD. I googled the topic and found many references, none definitive.

There;s nothing special about Dove, I just like it.


This has happened to me enjoying something and thinking about blogging it at the same time definitely not in the moment likely to fall flat on my face .I know I have less chance of tripping when I keep it in the moment . Love milk choc not so keen on dark but will give it a go ! Going to my astrology class today really enjoy it ,usually unless meds go off it's a place to forget about Parkinson's !,


DArkinsons for parkinsons. All the chocolate studies stress it's supposed to be DARK for the high cocoa content. One German study used 85% dark but that is pretty bitter.

Bon apetit!


So true, so true Mister Schmarkinson, forget the chocolate, tell me / us about your Qi Gong class. That seems to be the source of your "over" confidence, No?

I believe that for me at least a little shot of over-confidence mixed in with my Parkie underconfidence might be good for me. i do Tai Chi every morning now, but on my own, ( I used to teach a beginning class), my question is... What techniques do you do in your "Qi building" class? Breathing? connecting? stances? etc. I felt as if I was on the trail with you, thanks for thinking about us! By the way I use a small waterproof keychain-pill holder to carry around about 2 days supply of my meds, sinemet 3x3, Requip xl 6mg, 1 x 3, so i don't have to worry about getting lost on the trail w/o meds... lol, thanks again, mr. p_s....


My occasional over-confidence comes from vanity and a naive feeling that "wishing makes it so". OR I could say I forgot the first reminder my Qi Gong teacher repeats every time: "Calm attention to the Dan Tien".

Our routine begins with seated and standing meditations, the latter conducted withthe arms held in certain positions, such as "embracing a gtree" or "holdinga ball of energy"

Then we do a series of 8 gentle exercises called the "8 fold brocade". Next we do the 5 sets of movements called "flying crane", twice thru if time allows. We end with 6 reps of the swimming dragon from. We are encouragedto be aware of the chi as me breathe and move. I rarely feel anyting but I like the class.

I like your idea of keeping an emergency supply of meds.


Great story and very true. So glad you did not fall. If I stay in the moment I can focus on not doing the things that I know are likely to cause a fall. I had not heard about the chocolate, mmmmm sounds good even at 6:30 a.m..


I love the dark chocolate and am a walker, much to everyone's dismay. No one I know will walk with me but worry about me falling while out on the prairie. What's wrong with them? I go walking at below zero temperatures and love it, I love the cold and feel better when it's cold out. Anyone else prefer the cold?


I do not miss the North Dakota cold. It tends to make one shiver and, to my body at least, the frequency of the shiver matches that of the Parkie tremor, causing a "super tremor" which would make walking outside quite uncomfortable. There are many things I do miss. The nice people, (There is a sign in the Minot Airport that reads "Forty below keeps out the riff-raff".), the incredible green of spring, the northern lights and, most of all, the sound of wild geese in the spring. I'm sure you see and hear plenty of geese with Devil's Lake lapping at your doorstep.

Stay off the thin ice,



I'm putting together a walk into the Badlands of South Dakota IT will be about 4 miles round trip It pushes one but the beauty of the wilderness and the walk on the wild side I feel will be a great challenge Hope to have it in place for Sept 29 weekend will keep it open to all. Want to have pancakes for breakfast and the Hamburgers for lunch any comments about this would be appreciated


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