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Freon post whipple


I am now 5 months post op for a classic whipper operation. This was for duodenal tumour, quite rare but the same outcomes in terms of recovery for pancreatic cancer. I notice many people with bloating, diorehea wind and stomach pain don't seem to have solid advice on taking freon. I was so ill in the first two months I actually called the manufacturers of freon to get advice on how to take it.

So the advice given checked with my dietician was, take it with food throughout the meal, not before or after as it needs to mix with the stomach contents before exiting the stomach. Then keep increasing your dose age until the symptoms stop. You cannot overdose as it is a food supplement. I ended up taking 5 40k tablets with main meals and 2/3 40k tablets with light meals.

6 weeks ago everything changed firm stools no wind no cramps and I started to put weight on. Absolutely life changing. The Doctors did not have the slightest idea on dosage giving me 3 12.5 k tablets which left me suffering. Believe me when I say I was suicidal with recovery until I sorted the freon dosage

Now I am back in the gym aged 63 and have put back 40 of the 47 pounds I lost and can eat almost anything except sugar.

Please try this I promise it is life transforming and don't worry you cannot hurt yourself by increasing the dose.

Good luck

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