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I am new here, I don't have pancreatic cancer but I do suffer with severe pancreatitis, I have been hospitalized for it and they couldn't work out why I keep having attacks. I don't drink alcohol, I have had my gaul bladder out. The surgeon I went to see told me it's AIP , which is auto immune pancreatitis. I am still having attacks frequently, does anyone know anything about AIP.

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Hi Julz, sorry you are having so much trouble. I know nothing about AIP. In fact didn't know it existed.

Am here because a couple of friends have PC and thought I might find out more info and support. I have seen very few responses to posts!

Just here to put in my thoughts. Am just an old mum who has an interest in health, medicine. No years of study!

My thoughts - a friend had pancreatitis after half a glass of sherry one Xmas! She found only treatment that improved her was her own- she lived on bread and water for quite a while and her health improved. Can't finish the story as I am no longer in touch! I know she had more than one bout of trouble.

Also wonder if you have any allergies. Have grandkids with celiac disease which is another autoimmune disease. They are allergic to wheat, barley, rye and sometimes oats. It plays havoc with the gut if untreated. Treatment is to go gluten free.

My grandson did not have pancreatitis, but had trouble with most of his gut and nervous system. He has been gluten free for about 6 years now and gut is good. Nerves continue to give trouble and pain.

So, I wonder if you might try having tests for allergies; or there may be a blood relative who has had similar trouble, or even maybe celiac disease.

Anyway, you could try and see if a gluten free diet makes any improvement. If your bread and water does not help, you might need to try gluten free bread, but maybe try normal bread first and see if it improves your health.

I hope I have given you some food for thought! Be interested to know if it is any help.


Jen xxx


Thanks jenn , I read ur review with alot of interest. As far as I know my don't have any allergies just mostly asthma, diabetes , Rls and me with problems with my pancreas. I'm not really a bread eater I prefer cruskits. You know I didn't know AIP excited either, so I went online to look it up and apparently there is type 1 and type 2, I still don't know much about it only that my attacks are agony. The doctor's can't give me any reasonable response to why it keeps occurring as I don't drink alcohol. I am going to get online to search for celiac. So I do thank you for your time and interest in my story.


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