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Denial ?

Hi , my mum has been diagnosed with PC recently . Apparently to large to operate . Still waiting to find out regarding chemo . She has always been in great health . I spent a couple of days crying. I now am in complete denial and am worried how to cope and I have 2 children 5 and 7 years old that love their nana and don't have any idea . Please help xx

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Please seek help from these organisations and they can help emotionally and advise on treatment options. For further treatment options please see

I too had a parent dignaosed with PC. So ask why is it too big to operate? What about the Whipple's procedure if the tumours are in the head or tail of the pancreas. And you can also ask for a second opinion at a specialist NHS Centre/hospital please check out link

I wish your mum, you, and your family all the best!


Thank you for your reply . I too wonder why they won't try and operate . They have taken a biopsy of her lung as it's spread . She seemed so normal a couple of months ago. It seems so hard to believe x


Hi Buster,

Can you let me know how you got on with your mum? My mum has just been diagnosed with PC and it has also spread to her lungs. I am looking for answers as the doctor told me that they cannot operate either.


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