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Was at a meeting this am and have another one this afternoon with regards to the causes and effect of April I 2013.

One thing came about in April the NHS is replacing the body called LINK into another group called HEALTHWATCH. they will be used for inspections and as a friend to patients and families.

What has frightened me is many charities are such in dire straits that many not survive into the forthcoming years, This should cause concern for all of us, as the charities if they still exist will need too charge for their services, or they will not survive.

It is just something else to think about in the forthcoming years, I suppose the government is thinking that voluntary HEALTHWATCH will take up the slack.

My speciality is mental health and dementia, the meeting was at a Mental Hospital, all this is very frightening

All the best too all


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The charities have long been funded by the government. They have been far too busy makin sure the still received that money rather than helping disabled people through there welfare reforms. If the had stood up and said NO we wouldn't be in this mess. They have tweaked descriptors of ESA and DLA without actually achieveing anything.

Their funding is drying up and now they are falling over themselves to help us. Believe me I work as a grassroots campaigner. Many are amalgmting only to go under.

Tere soon won't be any left to support us anyway whether you have the means to pay or.

They have brought about their downfall all by themselves by being greedy. How many tried to profit from Workfare? Too many.

Pat x


Its a very sweeping statement, and a very sad state of affairs. Locally, I know of 2 charities who are extremely professional, fair and accountable. They do extremely well without handouts. It's really down to the way they are managed, how willing the board members are to get involved in the nitty gritty. Too many board members are in post for their own egos, fewer actually care about the cause and the people its supposed to help.

There are other organisations popping up to help minority groups, but they too are part reliant on funding. Much of the funding is non government sourced and is restricted in its use. So if you ask for funding to buy tables and chairs that's what you have to do, even if someone needs something far more important. These organisations will in part fill the gap between charities and NHS services. Some will offer free services and others will offer subsidised.

The only problem is that the people setting them up have free reign over which target group to provide for, how many benefit. They also have cto be run like a business and turn a profit, so they need income sources too. In theory it will be better as they will only depend on funding for the first few years, and then for specific projects.

It may be worth looking at what social enterprises, CIC's are happening in your area. Become a volunteer, or board member, so you can directly input and help create the service you want or need. It should only require 10 - 20 hrs a month of your time. They should pay your travel expenses as well.

Quite often these things are set up for a target group by people who have not experienced the problems they are trying to solve. It is in their own and the organisations interest to have someone on the team who actually experiences the problem, whether its mental, physical or skills based.

So its not all doom and gloom, but as the charities fail, these SE's and CIC's will pick up the slack and provide a slightly different service and hopefully a better service.

And theres nothing stopping anyone setting one up. Most councils run free business courses, there's plenty on-line resources and once you've got your directors sorted (some types only require 2) premises, equipment etc you are set to go. So if you see a need that is not being met, then see if you can do something about it. Much better trying to do something positive, even if its only highlighting a need and a way forward, than moaning about it and waiting for someone else to sort it.


Morning every on

I had a reply written and I have lost it in the ether so will have re write it. The whole sorry state is quite alarming as are further changes that seem to be happening after the 1 April

All the best



I have begun to learn to distrust some of the big charities. Projects have moved to providing work to charity career workers with many on a good salary.

The Charity regulator often ignores some of the suspect activities of some of the big charities.

I often have to ask myself is this campagn designed to help the people or is it one designed to bring in money that will ensure that the chief executive gets paid?

Many charities were funded to provide a political message. Because it was a charity no one is checking the political message. Several Charities have been founded with the express purpose of aiding people to have reduced taxes.


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