50% pain free

Hi everyone, I am having a wonderful release from the chronic pain I have been going through thanks to the injection I had. Must say it was very quick and the pain was intense when they did it, I cannot believe how much pain I have been in, how I coped I will never know. Not sure how long this will last and the arthritis in my back has decided to let me know that I am not off scot free. I am now getting up to date with all the household chores that I have not sorted in months. Once they are done I shall wallow in my glorious pre xmas pressy, half the pain gone! Hope everyone well, just thought I would share a bit of good news for a change instead of me whinging on and on! Cheers Ann

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  • Well done for getting through the injection. glad you are having some good results, and I like your positive title "50% pain free". Don't forget, Superwoman, to not over-do the housework!

    But on the other hand, live for the moment and enjoy it!

  • Thanks, housework done, me time now

  • Thanks for sharing your good news. It's so heartening to think of someone getting the better of the pain. May it continue.

  • Thanks for that nedd

  • Hi superanne, how great to hear some one being positive, I so glad 50% of your pains has gone, now aim for 100%, you did'en't say what the injection was? It sounds so good I'll as my GP to order me a chemist's full. I wish you,the best of luck, and hopefully pain free.


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