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New Airing Pain podcast - #122: The Many Faces of Research - OUT NOW


Producer Paul Evas talks to researchers at the forefront of chronic pain research, including Claudia Sommer, president-elect of the International Association for the Study of Pain, whose research into fibromyalgia opens debate as to whether the condition should be treated as neuropathic pain.

Physiotherapist David Easton then talks about the research-led ESCAPE PAIN rehabilitation exercise programme for people with osteoarthritis in their hips or knees.

And finally, Paul visits the University of Bristol, where neuroscientist Bridget Lumb talks of the need for further research into the link between familiar contact and social interaction with chronic pain – particularly relevant at a time of social distancing – and social anthropologist Rachael Gooberman-Hill explains the role of the anthropologist in health and pain research.

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