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Research Project on Chronic Pain


Hi Everyone,

I'm currently in my final year studying psychology at the University of Liverpool. I'm also in the process of conducting my research project, it is examining the potential benefits of music listening and reading for people with chronic pain.

I am hoping to recruit people to take part in my study and I would really appreciate your advice on how to go about this in the best possible way. Also, if anyone has taken part in a study similar to this before any general advice would be greatly appreciated too!

If anyone is interested in taking part themselves and would like any more information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you all.

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Hi, sounds interesting. I find reading a good diversion so I would take part.

I would be interested in taking part as I have had chronic pain for many years due to arthritis.

Hello, happy to help. Have suffered from both chronic and acute pain due to spinal degeneration and osteoarthritis for thirty years. I am also a retired lecturer in Psycho!ogy, so if you need any advice regarding your design let me know. This could be a difficult one to fully operationalise, so if you send me your ideas at we could look at it together from the perspective of participants as well as research design. It might have a positive distraction effect on my own pain perception! I would suggest that you refine your research down to the effects of one variable e.g. listening to music. Sometimes the more simple the design, the easier it is to analyse the data. Also you might like to consider the intersection between music and mood, as mood invariably influenced pain perception.

Good luck


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