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Need a bit of advice

My partner has been getting this constant pain coming from right side lower back and right side abdomen and his hip too he is in agony , we went to AE got bloods all ok urine sample ok and said could be a hernia and told him to take paracetamol and go go if continues the pain is getting worse and he has doctors on Tuesday has anyone ever had this ? Thanks in advance

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Hello Leah87 and sorry to hear your partner is in such pain.

We are not medically qualified on this forum so can't give any diagnosis.

You did the right thing by going to A&E even if nothing showed on the tests. It could be one of so many things...maybe a pulled muscle? Until something is diagnosed Paracetamol is the strongest they can prescribe.

Try a hot water bottle alternated with ice.. This may help temporarily. Maybe some analgesic cream bought over the counter at pharmacy?

Sorry I can't be more helpful but good you have GP appointment.



I am no doctor but has your partner ever have kidney stones? Because it sounds like the stone is moving but I'm no doctor but I have had many kidney stones. I have to ask when he goes to the bathroom is it a heavy stream or is it a little steam that would let you know. If it is q kidney stone but then again that's not a tell tail indication what itbis. I hope you find out.

Good luck


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