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Well what can I say had my gallbladder removed 3 years ago since then had problems, suffering from ibs chronic pain in my chest stomache an back area which has left me bed bound most of the time and having to rely on family to help with day to day things, due to my isolation I've had panick attacks stress aniexty an fear of socialising, life's at a stand still and family is frustrated with me, was an out going person who cared for the vulnerable in the community now I'm on the other side of the coin. Waiting on counselling and pyshio, the pain clinic have been 👍 but now have been referred to auto immune clinic due to my fevers, stiff joints weight loss, an vitamin levels being off... what's next I wonder 😥

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Hi there Gemma. I had my gallbladder removed back in 2009, and probably just got lucky I didn't have any complications after 1 month of recovery. Then I just moved on with life. I hope you will be able to recover soon and feel better. Just stay positive and never lose hope.

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Yeah I'm one of the unlikely few apparently, gallbladder was removed after 7months of agony but the think there's something else going on so more investigations, i still try to step postive but it doe take its toll a specially the fevers and the fatigue, it's prob something really simply that's being missed thank you for your reply 🤗


I had to have my gall bladder removed last summer and luckly the only side effect I had was constipation, which I got sorted out straight away.

Your reaction to your gall bladder removal seams a little excessive. ...panic attacks, stress, fear of socialising was your operation traumatic? Was your after care horrendous? These are all mental problems.

I hope you are now seeing a psychiatrist as these are nasty mental conditions and need to get sorted out asap so they don't escalate.

Did they cut you right open for the gall bladder removal or like myself had it removed by micro surgery? Only left 4 little incisions which healed quickly.

I can understand your families frustration as I honestly can't see how such a minor operation has caused so many further complaints, which are totally unrelated to your original complaint. Get your mental state sorted out first and I'm sure your physical health will improve along with it.

It's very strange how our physical and mental states are linked and nobody can say how we will react to trauma physically or mentally.

Good luck and I'm sure with proper councilling you can get through this troubling time.


I was left for 7 months before they removed my gallbladder which apparently wasn't the cause for my other problems, there sending me to the auto immune clinic due to my bruises that keep appearing my high temps, fatigue, an recently my vitamin d levels were 19 well below hem my calcium levels an iron went low too, pain clinic and my own doctors have said there something more going on so just waiting on appointment, as for my well being an mental state that the first three years I was fine but it was bound to effect me after awhile but yes I'm waiting on counselling appointment for my cbt therapy an have even arranged one privately why I wait for that to come thru. Thank you for your reply


Hi there, the list of symptoms that you're left with reads just like mine.


High temperature with excessive sweating.

Vit D very low

Calcium levels dropped and ended up with borderline osteoporosis (kept breaking bones in my feet)

Testosterone levels dropped dramatically

Shoulder joints stiffened and cause bad pain

Sleep pattern all over the place

The professionals think it's all to do with the medication that I take, as I have neuropathic damage following a stroke 17 yrs ago. (Which you wouldn't realise I had externally ). I've also suffered from 'type 1 diabetes ' for the last 41yrs which has started the normal complaints linked to long-term diabetes.

Here is my list of meds, let's see if you are on any so we can see a link:



Vit D









Vit B complex

I hope this list may give you a pointer and please let me know if you are on any of the same as I'll mention it to my consultant next visit.

Good luck and hang on in there. I'm going through this also so know first hand how hard it can be and believe me as though it looks and sounds , it does get better.

If you ever need an ear or just to sound off please don't hesitate to contact me as I'm a good listner.

All the best. Tony. ☺


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