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Hi I’m new

Hi there, my name is Lucy I’m 31 almost 32, I have 4 children. I was born with a mirror arm which means I have no radius and two ulner bones. My shoulder is crumbling and the nerves are all trapped in between bones. I also have rheumatoid arthritis which is agony. I’m so fed up with being in pain everyday, but my kids will always keep me going they are the reason I smile everyday.

I’m on heaps of medication including morphine and oxycodone.

I’m from the uk and just wanted to make new friends who understand what it’s like living with pain.

Hopefully speak to some of you soon


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Hello ☺

Didn't know you could get oxy in the UK

I have fibro, depression, stroke


Pain is the worst thing ever. My name isSandra I have MS I was diagnosed in 2004 but my neurologist thinks I had it for over 20 years. Kids do keep you going and the funny thing is that my youngest is the one who is always on his toes and sometimes is fast than my husband to ask if I am ok. I hope you can find away to get control over your pain.

Try to have a good day!

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Hi Lucy

Welcome to the board. Understand where you’re coming from as I have RA too - but only 2 kids! Respect for dealing with 4 of them and a chronic condition. Not easy.

I’ve also got a badly damaged shoulder and was told 10 years ago that the only option was a total shoulder replacement, but that it was contraindicated due to having a torn rotator cuff and eroded humerus. Surgeon said he was prepared to do it but that there was a good chance it wouldn’t work and would leave me in more pain. Decided to put up with it. At the time it started hurting it was total agony. Possibly the most painful thing I’ve dealt with, but now it seems to have settled a bit and after starting going to the gym for a separate issue it’s actually improved quite a bit. Can actually sleep on that side now for the first time in 10 years.

What meds are you on for your RA? And are they working?

Have you joined the NRAS site here on healthunlocked? Lots of fellow RA’ers on there with support and advice.

All the best.


Hi I'm Rachel I have psoriatic arthritis RA lesser known sister it sucks. The pain is the hardest thing next to the fatigue. Kids are out saving grace at times. Xx


Hi Lucy. Good to meet you.

You will find plenty of fellow chronic pain sufferers on this forum.it's been a good support to me certainly at my weakest moments. You sound like you have a positive attitude to life which is a step in the right direction.

Do you attend a pain clinic ? I took part in a pain management course that helped a lot to focus my attention on self help. Before then I was in disbelief that medicine was unable to stop my pain. I could do with a refresher now but cuts have reduced the functions of the pain clinic team.

I've beeb on both those medications but now take Tapentadol which is by and large an improvement.

Are your kids school age ? Four seems a large number to me. Do you have reduced function in your arm ? I'm not being nosy but it's good to have a fuller picture.



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