What happens after a failed trial spinal cord stimulator?

I had a discectomy 2 years ago which although successful in an anatomical sense resulted in failed back surgery. I attended an 8-day course at St Thomas's on neuromodulation. A month after that I underwent a trial for a spinal cord stimulator. It didn't offer me much respite pain wise and decided to have the wires tunnelled into my back removed. I was wondering what happens next? I was told I would meet the consultant again at Pain Clinic but that is months away. Has anyone else been through this? What happened next? Your responses would be appreciated.

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  • Ive just had deep compression spinal fusion done ,they made new vertebrae and i had a few other things done.I walked out 48hts after my 7 hr surgery a new person.My dad has had that spinal thing put in and it stuffed up 6 months later,epic fail.Ive been under a pain clinic for about 23 yrs,in Australia you havecto be under a pain clinic for any meds.I find them useless.My father was recently made to go to a pain clinic and he wss less than impressed.You have these so called pain drs who have never suffered any chronic pain tell you how you should be feeling .They have no idea.Waste of time and effort.Goid luck you will need it ,fingers crossed you get some help.

  • Thank you for your reply. I'm just wanting to get off pain meds so thought neuromodulation was going to be the answer.

  • I have given everything offered to me a go.Its trial and error unfortunatlely,we are all different, what works for one isnt for everyone.The only thing that i get relief from is water,walking or swimming.Mind you i got a bit ahead of myself and was playing soccer with my 2yr old grandson and have torn both sides of my miniscus in my left knee.Just got back from seeing the oertopeadic surgein,i will be having surgery in the next few weeks.No soccer for me again.Im in agony so i will head off to water therapy and see how i go.I feel for you and wish you all the best.

  • Thank you for your reply. I wish you well for your future surgery. My pain is at peak now, I'm hoping the trough in pain arrives soon. Fingers crossed.

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