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Need advice on back inflammation

Hiya! Just came across this website whilst looking for answer to my pain. I'm in my late 60's female and usually keep active. (Bike. Swimming. Circuit Training.) All I did was to sweep my backyard with a heavy deck brush. Next morning could not get up from my lying position when I awoke! Pain excruciating!!! That was over a month ago and after a hospital x-ray giving "no structural damage; learn how to manage pain. Goodbye!" - type of advice.

Need name of severe painkillers to battle with my severe pain. Anybody know of anything? Please!


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Are you in UK? Shame on your GP for not prescribing some pain relief. Will you be going back to GP? What pain relief meds have you tried so far? Did anyone (hospital doctor or GP) presribe anti-inflammatories or a muscle relaxant?



Probably muscle spasm- very common.

Put a cold compress on your lower back fo 20 mins and then leave or put hot compress. Then cold again after 30 mins.

Also could take 600mg of ibuprofen at night with glass of milk or snack.

That should clear it up in a few days.

Then do some gentle stretching of calf and hamstrings etc to loosen all those muscles again.

Hope that helps a little.



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