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Recent spinal decompression surgery

Hi all, I am 61, female and work full time still in a sitting down all day job.

Having experienced pain and numbness for the last 18 months which came on suddenly. I had my surgery 2 weeks ago.

I was told the relief would be quick and I would soon be tablet and pain free. Instead I still have pain down my right side back and leg, unbearable at times and now prescribed Diazepam and oromorph for the pain.

Anyone advice if this is normal please?

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So sorry to hear of your pain . My brother in law had same and time healed . He had to rest for 3 mths post op and said heat packs helped with pain and gentle exercise too hope this helps cheers


Hi darbygal,

That's what they told me before I had my operation ( lying buggers ), I am a virtual cripple now, I could get myself around a bit and drive my car but am totally buggered now and this is 17 weeks after my op,

Good luck to you lass getting any help with your problems, I have had no luck getting anything done yet and am in agony every hour of the day and night.


Hi, sorry to hear of your pain, but it should eventually get better. I have had 2 decompressions and spinal block culminating in a fusion in March this year and am now medication free after 6 years. Yes I am still in pain, but I manage it better. No 2 people are the same, but my first decompression told months for me to get over, the second days. The best advice I can give you is not to sit for too long and to walk, walk, walk.

Good lucj

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Hi i had deep compression back fusion L4 L5 S1 region,had a new vertebrae put in and a brace put under my spine as this was slipping.I had suffered from chronic back pain and sciatic pain right down my left leg that was so debiletating i was going to end my suffering.I had my surgery on April 27th and was dschatged from hospital on 29th,walking unaided and showering myself.I still have lower back pain but the sciatic pain subsided straight away.I feel like a new person.Maybe i was extremely lucky with my sugery performed at the spinal unit at Sur Charles Gardiner hospital Perth Australia.Im eternally grateful for the outcome of my op.My surgeon did not foresee such a good outcome.I hope everything settles in time for you. Manditts.


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