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"Basically normal" lab results but still in pain

Hi everyone! I hope someone can help me. I have had fibromyalgia and depression for years but the body pain recently has bern unbearable. I have been having the following symptoms: joint and muscle pain, low grade fevers, extreme exhaustion, tingly arms and hands, weight gain, increased depression, insomnia, swelling, night sweats that come and go, brain fog, slow healing and catching every cold around which leads to lots of body pain during and in the week after I get over the cold. I was told my labs are "basically normal except for a little inflammation" but it wasn't anything to worry about. Unfortunately, not worrying does nothing to aleiviate my symptoms, so that isn't much of answer. The lab with high result showing inflammation was the c reactive protein. Other labs on the highend of normal. Has anyone elsr experienced this? If so, would you please share your diagnosis?

Thank you!

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Hello Dswaltz and you are very welcome here.

With you having fibro it may be better to ask the forum on that topic. They too have a wealth of knowledge and I feel they would be able to answer you easier.

Good Luck



Check CRPS. not nhs website its a joke. Look up princess in tower crps and burning nights crps signs and symptoms. I was told fibromyalgia n exaggerating how much pain l was in and even malingering. Car crash 2001 my body deteriorating ever since now every system failing etc l had to change GP and see a psychologist for 6 months who discharged me n wrote to Gp saying l have no mental disorders very determined n resilient and wrong assumptions regarding my mental health has caused me to be dismissed and not listened to or investigated. A month ago l saw a rheumatologist and neurologist who told me widespread chronic pain etc has been CRPS since 2001. Once you read the websites you will understand how the negligence of NHS has left it to spread and as it's a progressive of the brain and nervous system that is the worst pain syndrome known to man the pain team still refused to see me. God help anyone who actually does have mental health problems as l've experienced the torment and flippant attitudes of NHS nurses consultants etc when they think you are mentally ill and leaving you to suffer pain beyond endurance and weird symptoms all over your body that they think are all in your head. I'm a qualified sports development officer so l got all my medical records and what is written between consultants for example "take what she says with a pinch of salt" was in a letter attached to a 3 page scan reporting solid ovarian mass and pelvic rim mass etc etc, my stomach doesn't work so l ended up in gastric ward looking 9 months pregnant as bowel no nerve signals so l got a scan n that's what gastric doc wrote to gynae. There is much much worse it's beyond comprehension and very scarey how nhs is failing and the discrimination is against the law, so much so l was left walking on 3 fractures in leg for 18months as 3 orthos in Fife told me healed n dismissed me after dislocating my ankle in Aug 15, l couldn't feel foot leg it was grey n freezing n even go couldnt find a pulse but she sent me home??? I went private and ortho said needed plates n screws in leg and ankle joint needed fixed he looked at the same scan 4 orthos in nhs looked at, the private ortho going to operate last Dec but the signs and symptoms n scan all records as high risk CRPS so surgery to risky, lm still in moon boot and crutches almost 2 years now and still pain team refused see me. Anyway if this can help you or anyone else at least something good has come out nhs ruining my life. Most GP s specialists etc never heard of crps in UK so no research no cure n treatments mostly unsuccessful even if you are lucky to be diagnosed. At least raising awareness on a pain website with so many undiagnosed people living in pain but no answers why. All the best. God Bless all of us.


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