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Debbs73Debbs73 4 minutes ago 0 Replies

We went back to my gp yesterday to followup on the chest xray and further blood I had taken (as if they ain't got enough of my blood they want more). Lol. Xray clear and so are bloods they took. Which now means as we thought it's down to the amount morphine I take, so just got to live with it (the shortness of breath ) told him my hips feet hands are all Starting to hurt now, I askedhim, knowing what he was going to say but asked anyway" is there nothing else I can do",as I'm so fed up of it being more pain 1 after the other. He looked at my meds again, checked his medical book, and said my amatriptaline I take is a dated drug, affected but dated. He said there is another new drug that is better than amatriptaline that might be better. However he cant give me this Drug without checking with Someone higher in authority than him. He said he will also speak to his wife as well as this higher person as she's "now can't remember if he said shes a psychologist or psychiatrist ", probably the latter. But said she could point him in the right direction and say if it will be any good for me. So until he gets back to me im to continue on same meds. He said this drug is also an anti-depressant that people take for moderate to severe depression. Try more like mega depression. As I'm sure u all are. I get so fed up of going to Dr's with pain after pain.

I will let you know what happens with this new drug. Like he said why shouldn't I have it .

Takecare ya'all. Debbs. 😀


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