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Slipped disc L5/S1 operation

Hi everyone,

I have a slipped disc L5/S1 and I'm on the waiting list for the operation.

I'm very nervous as there are complication of if they damage the nerve it can paralyse my leg/legs😕

I get really bad sciatica pain to the point I can't walk or hold my 10 week old baby boy.

Can anyone advise me in how successful the operation is or what best option to go for as I'm a plasterer by trade and need to start earning money asap.

Thanks in advance


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Oh (hug) ... remember that Neurosurgeons do these operations every single day. Yes, there are risks, but they really are minimal.

How are you managing with work?? Are you self employed or do you work for a company?

I sympathise with you as I too suffer from sciatic pain at times and no one knows unless they have had it, how crippling it can be.

How long have you had the sciatica for? Is it constant?

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It must be so difficult, not only for the day to day stuff, but the frustration of not being able to hold your newborn son.

Sometimes slipped discs stop being a pest; sometimes they respond well to pain management and physiotherapy; and other times, they don't.

Your surgeon should be able to talk you through the risk figures for the surgery - particularly taking into account your age, fitness level, the condition of nearby areas of the spine etc etc. And how long the rehab. should take and when you'll be fit to resume your usual work. The usual rule of thumb is 4-6 weeks but it will vary according to individuals and their needs. Very physical jobs might need 8-12 weeks recovery - it all depends.

Good Luck!


When it comes down to surgery don't fret that. It is the recovery that sucks.


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