Femoral nerve dysfunction

Hi, after 14 months of leg and knee pain I've been diagnosed with femoral nerve dysfunction (lumbrosacral neuritis). I'm on gabapentin, 300mg x 2 a day. My life has been on hold during this time - I'm unable to walk far so my dog walking and power walks have stopped as has my swimming. I can't drive as using the c!utch is too painful, so husband drives me everywhere. My neurologist just told me to up my gabapentin dose and has sent me for pain management. Has anyone been cured or has any suggestions as to how to recover from this condition. I'm only 63, used to be very active, and feel my life is finished. Thanks

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  • I wud try something called magnesium and calcium with vit D...honestly it will change your life and believe it or not will get rid of your pain..i myself have had surgery on my leg due to a massive hematoma and afterwards developed syatticer and the pain was so intense cud not do nothing and was put on amertriptyline and pregablin and codeine which worked for awhile then pain started coming back so I decided to research the internet for a cure...i was on the verge of killing myself I cud see no hope...but I found out about calcium and magnesium which I thought wud not work but I took it coz I had nothing to lose and within 2 days of taking it my syatticer pain had gone and my backache and gout and I cud walk sleep and eat again it was a miracle...apparently magnesium deals with the nerve pain and calcium is fixing the bones...when u reach a certain age u become deficient in these,s minerals and that,s why u start getting backache..leg pain..syatticer...ect.....so please try it...it will change your life that's a promise xxxxx😁

  • I have nerve pains in my legs and have been diagnosed with Restless Leg Syndrome. Just like to say that I concur with the use of magnesium I take a supplement but it's better absorbed through the skin by bath flakes or by oil. I rub magnesium oil into my knees and leg muscles and it greatly helps. I have been prescribed diazipam for my leg pain which is very effective too though addictive.

  • Hi dithorn

    I have similar femoral nerve pain to you and take Gabapentin at the highest dose. Your dose can go up quite a bit more if needed and it's good your going to pain management. They have helped me greatly with learning pain coping skills and injections. It's very painful isn't it?.

    I've had my automatic car adapted so that I don't drive with my legs anymore. A push/pull lever does the brake and accelerator. Took some getting used to and loads of practice but I've conquered it!. The clever thing is my car can be driven normally by someone else with the lever in place. Worth looking into, our independence is so important!. Good luck X

  • There is a link with some types of Neuritis and vitamin B12 Deficiency, but not sure if it connects with you. Though anything neurological or to do with nerves I would be checking my B12 bloods out. Also checking your vitamin D levels and maybe taking some vitamin D3 might help.

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