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Chiropractor visit

Morning all

I had my first chiropractor appointment on Monday. She found problems with joints at the very top and very bott of my spine which she worked on, including acupuncture. She said that i might feel achy the following day but 5 days in, I'm still in significant pain and have a bruise on my lower back where she worked.

Is this normal?


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Hi Sal-shep

When I used a chiropractor for a frozen shoulder that was cured straight away. But when he worked on my back he eased it a bit but I also had to go back for a further 10wks, where he worked on the back and I also had acupuncture. I always felt better after visiting but unfortunately I could no longer afford to go. But I would always recommend one.

As for bruising I never had any and never felt achy after visits. If I were you I'd change to another one. Your doctors should recommend a good one or ask people.

Hope everything goes well in the future and you can find relief. And remember about your posture. Check the height of your TV is it to high or low, might sound daft but when I altered the height of mine it helped me as I wasn't looking up or down therefore not putting tension on the back of the neck and shoulders.

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I have had years of various acupuncture treatments by various doctors. If they did the basic "needles only", I do not believe it's normal. I've had 50+, no bruising.

Around 20 years ago I was seeing a Chinese acupuncturist in San Francisco who was a physician in China. She did much more than needles. When she placed the "cups" around my back it was painful and left significant bruising. I was sore for a day or so, then felt more energized.

I hope this helps...


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