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Bloated after smoking!

I quit smoking 7 mos. Ago .

And I never weigh over 130 I'm 5"5

Now after I stop smoking I gain over 35 PDS and I'm very bloated and I'm in pain .I have pain on my right upper side and my thighs get swollen my feet hurt .I've gone from a size 5 to size 10 .I have Little energy .my belly gets in my way hurts to put my shoes on or even tie them .PLEASE help.

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It doesn't sound as if the bloating and pain is due to stopping smoking. Have you asked a doctor about it. Some weight gain is to be expected after stopping but can be controlled with upping your amount of exercise as your metabolism adjusts.

Please don't go back to smoking. It is the worst thing you can do for your health. Speak to your doctor about your symptoms and get a diet plan as well as help with the bloating and swelling.

Best of luck and we'll done for stopping



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