Pain Concern

pills And more pills

Not Been on here for awhile but been back in hospital with copd flaring up again regarding my back pain they have now put me on 120 mg of duloxetine on top of everything else but when i walk or try and play with my grand kids the pain is unbearable if the oral morph feel like its not working im nearly at breaking point the pain team im under are not sure as to why im in so much pain

thank you for reading hope you all are having a better day

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I am sorry you are in such pain. I've had to accept that the way I play with my granddaughter is restricted. With my grandsons I was the granny who went mountain biking and climbing down dangerous hills ! Now the pysical stuff is impossible. Even sitting on the floor is too painful now.

Children accept situations. If you do too then they won't have a problem with you being the granny who does jigsaws and reads stories and is always there to listen.



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