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I'm In PAIN . Fed up with pumping my body with drugs that only work short term. Natural, herbal, anti depression solution

Suffering depression as a result of prolonged chronic sciatic nerve pain.

I felt worse recently when I became incapacitated abd couldn't leave my bed as well as loss of bladder control.

I find the anti depressants combined with tramadol don't help me long term so I stopped taking the anti depressants. Just felt anti depressant encourage weight gain which in turn doesn't help mobility. So I thought rather than doping myself with drugs look for a drug free solution. Therefore I looked up herbal alternatives. I was told saffron helps reduce depression.

Still looking for alternative to pain releif.

Swimming or sauna ? Or power plate any suggestions?.

I hate being immobile . Usually pro active and love to be busy.

Only 35


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if you can swim then that is great. i would go for that as your body is totally supported by the water and your moving all your limbs. i get sciatia myself at times and i'v noticed if i take a half of a 5mg diazepam i wake up with sciatica so iv stopped taking even that tiny amount, and i know what you mean about the anti depressants it depends a lot on what one they gave you. i hate taking those kind of tablets after a bad experience on anti psychotics which i should never have been given in the first place. lots of people are talking about trying turmeric for pain relief. i'v watched a few videos on utube. i just typed turmeric for pain relief into google or on utube and there are lots of good uses for this and other herbs.iv read about saffron also however it is seemingly very expensive. you could look all those things up on utube and google and get loads of information there. i wish you well. and i hope you find some relief for your pain. love grace. xoxoxo


Thank you. Hopefully turmeric works. I use it in my cooking if making curry, but ill look it up and increase the dose.

Mitrazepam is what they gave me.

Diazapam I was prescribed by hospital was awful in terms of side effects. I get you on that one. Especially when you're coming off it.

Ill try swimmingpretty regularly too.

Doctor's still recommend taking pain killers to ease the pain

What a vicious circle.

Tc. Hope yu find the best way to get pain relief.x

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i meant to say i'd be careful with that powerplate as the sciatic nerve is one that you need to leave well alone to calm down and not aggravate it with vibrations. thats what i'v found anyway.


Ohhh great thanks for that info.

You could be right there.

Have you heard of bikram yoga.

Aparantly its good for chronic pain too.

It's performed in heat.

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no mina i had not heard of it but i just looked it up on google and they say that it can cause serious pain, and its not good for beginners who may not know what they are doing. but i do think that if you went for a sauna that it would be nice to do some simple yoga stretches as it is good for sciatica as its ony stretching the muscles and not pressing on the sciatic nerve, yes i'v heard of those mitrazepam my friend was on them and she said she likes them and she took them at night and got a good sleep.i think the problem with heat is that is it releases the muscles a lot and i myself know that i could be tempted to over stretch and go beyone my capacity.soi would have to be very mindful of my stretching if i was in heat i do think it would be great if i could just take it easy and not stretch to far. i hope you find something as you seem to like exercise as i myself do and am quite depressed as iv been in one pain or another over the last 10 years and i was into pilates and yoga and dancing. i danced for over 25 years and loved it. so im missing all of this myself. although i still do the slow movements as i cant seem to stop myself. i just walk them instead of dance them. it does keep me fluid.but i have noticed that my arms keep making cracking noises. i'v been into body movement study of one sort of another for years and i just have to do really slow movements now.

love grace.xoxoxo

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Hello Mina786

I know exactly what you mean , it's not an easy decision to make giving on on pain meds as they do make me feel drowsy and unable to function too. I like you have stopped taking Amitryptaline and gabepentin , I have also invested in a TENs machine and find it a useful diversion when my pain is troubling me. I walk 30 minutes every day and do a little on the exercise bike as that movement seems to help . You are far too young to be unable to be active and I hope that you can find something that works for you and you will find great support on this forum. Best wishes Handg :)

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The turmeric that grace111 suggested is an excellent painkiller. It is also good for depression. As a bonus turmeric has been shown to repair damaged nerves. Turmeric is a wonderful herb that can give benefit in all sorts of ailments. I love it. The part of it that has been most investigated is curcumin but curcumin is not very bioavailable. The liver flushes it out as soon as it sees it. To get around this you need to add piperine, the active component in black pepper, and/or oil. The piperine disguises curcumin, the oil makes it bypass the liver on entry to the system. Curcumin is not the only active component, there are a number of them, some of which are lost in the drying process. Fresh turmeric contains its own oil that also has healing properties so is the best form to take if you can get hold of it. It can be kept in the freezer and grated frozen as required. Turmeric can also be used topically but always be careful that it doesn't come into contact with anything that will be ruined by its natural dye.

Turmeric belongs to the ginger family. Ginger has many similar properties as those of turmeric. They can both be used alone or to compliment each other.

Capsaicin, the active component of chilli peppers, is another excellent painkiller. Cayenne pepper, which contains capsaicin, can be used to relieve numerous conditions. You can make your own rubbing oils with either fresh chillis or cayenne. The hotter the chilli, the more capsaicin it contains.

Tai chi is a gentle form of exercise that may help keep you mobile. It is important to keep mobile otherwise you will take longer to heal. The best form of exercise, both mentally and physically, is rebounding. This can be done at any level of disability or skill. The disadvantage of it is that it needs equipment.

Try starting the day off with a simple stretch. Lie on your back, hands by side, knees bent and feet flat. Lift the knee of the affected side and point it toward the opposite shoulder. Grab that knee with your hands and gently pull it down to your chest and hold. You can also use the outer hand to grab your ankle and pull that into your thigh at the same time. Do the same for the other side then draw both knees up together. This can help to release the sciatic nerve from whatever has it trapped. Though with the pain being chronic the nerve may actually be damaged, in which case the fresh turmeric should help.

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Suggestion only Mina786 -

I would be asking for my thyroid bloods checked for depression and weight gain.

Also Vitamin B12 and vitamin D.

Supplementing D3 cured my sciatica among other pains. 85% are said to be low or deficient in vitamin D.

Vitamin D3 is anti inflamatory.

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Was in hospital last night and it's dischaemia causing pain also nerve trapped in neck causing shoulder and back of head tension. Chest pains thankfully not critical. Pulled muscle in chest whilst coughing hard over lomg period of time due to stomach ulcer. Got taken off tramadol as it was causing sickness and given anti sickness and ibroprofen gel as well as strong cocodomal.

Looks like I'll have to wait for MRI. Then they will decide on whether opelation on back is necessary.

In the meantime swimming but not anything excessive or straining on the shoulder, and tens machine as well as physio.

Physiotherapist recommend more movement than being stuck in one position.


I found sulfa and magnesium, along with turmeric with black pepper (you must take pepper to make turmeric work for your body) ginger.Black Cherry juice and Cranberry juice is also good, and will help with bladder problems. I am not a doctor, I just use these and found they help me.

I don't know if you have joint pain or nerve pain or muscle pain....I do personally belive that most pain come from lack of a vitamin or mineral in our body of there is pain and no injury to cause it.


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