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hye, I'm new here

I used to take a high dose of co/dyd, and your right 10/500 is a very low dose, I found I needed high & higher doses of the codeine and used to take them separately, ie paracetamol + co. My doctor took me off of them and I now have Tramadol, they are good but you have to take a maintenance dose, and they are strictly control. At the moment I have a flair up of the fibromyalgia but am in constant pain, and its hard sometimes to keep a positive outlook. I wouldn't wish pain on anyone, but it is good to speak with people that understand! Thanks for listening. Lyzzie.

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Hi lyzzie sorry to hear that your in pain. Chronic pain is so hard to cope with and never seems to give much warning when it decides to flare up, usually happens when you plan to do something nice. Fibro is becoming a common thing nowadays and ive got a couple of friends that suffer badly with it so you have my full sympathy. I hope you find some medication that helps. I am on tramadol and anti inflammatory meds for chronic pain but my problem is a fractured vertebra and nerve inpingment leaving me with pain from the waist down. I have learned to manage the pain by pacing but still have bad days when I can't cope. You will find alot of fibro sufferer's on here that may be able to give advice. X lynne


thanks for replying lynne, you'll see from the time of this post {2.49am} that the pain in my legs wont let me sleep. We call these episodes "Flair ups" so how long do they last and do they ever let go!. Sorry feeling a bit miserable, not to mention tired!. thanks again for replying I admire you for sounding as positive as you do. Do you find the Tramadol useful? The only antiinflammatory drug I was able to tolerate was Surgam and the powers that be took it off the market for some reason. God bless. Lyzzie.


I totally understand this as I'm a sufferer myself. I stopped taking tramadol due to sickness. The problem is with opiates is this. Our tolerance level becomes higher. Therefore we need more to cope with the pain. I can see you are playing it safe with the paracetamol but there are some who will take more just to keep the pain at bay. Please please speak to your gp. I did and was given an alternative. Tramadol I find works for breakthrough pain. You could do with something that is sustained release then have a top up when the pain is severe. Hope you get the help you need.


Thankyou, hadn't considered a long release approach, I do have an appointment to see my GP as this is getting hard to take at the moment, and will do as you suggest. Thanks again for replying. Lyzzie.


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