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Increasing my dose of Nortriptyline??

Hi guys,

Just wondering if anyone has experience of Nortriptyline? Was on Gabapentin and Amytriptyline for a while but have come off it as it didn't really make much of a difference pain wise and they both made me feel really dreadful. I've been on Nortriptyline now for about 6 weeks, it's helping me sleep so the GP this morning has increased it to 50mg every night. It's definitely helping me sleep so it's helping with my ability to cope with the pain but don't think it's lessening the actual pain if that makes sense? 

Any thoughts would be welcome?

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I'm just about to start it so I'll let you know if it works for me . 



I'm on 70mg nortryptiline as a replacement to Amitryptiline as I couldn't increase the latter without being a zombie the following day.  It very much depends as to the other medication you are on a to whether this one can be increased though. I started on pregabalin and so my nortryptiline can't be further increased. Suggest to your gp that the nerve pain is still problematic and they will look into the safety of increasing the dose. 

Good luck and hugs 



I take 50mg every night but never get a full night sleep I find the only thing that helps is a spine block


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