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Doctor leaving

Got a phone call yesterday that the doctor I have been seeing at the pain clinic is leaving.  I have seen him for all of my injections and really like his approach to relieving my pain.  There is another doctor at the clinic but I do not know anything about him.  I am hoping that he has the same bed side manner as my old doctor.  In British Columbia there is a shortage of doctors so when one leaves it is soooo frustrating :-( and a bit scary. 


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Oh no; how frustrating!! You find a doctor you like and they leave!! Like you say, you not only want the replacement to be good at what they do but also to have a 'personality' that fits yours. Nothing worse than a doctor with no interpersonal skills; somehow makes you wonder if they're actually interested in your pain. I feel for you; although the new doctor maybe even better - try to think of it like that!


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