Hi everyone I have brittle asthma stenosis of the spine degenerative what dose that mean I'm in constannt pain I have nerve block injections every six months I take loads of medecation plus steriod dependand, now I have a hyatica hernia quit big I'm told so now that is also causing me pain acid keeps coming up in my mouth and when I go for a poo my stomach hurts for ages after dose any one else suffer with any of these things would like to compare notes keep me a bit sain I also suffer from deression as my life is so nothing can't do anything hardly for my self my husband is my career I get so so down and think is life really worth all this pain.

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  • I'm sorry for your pain, I know it's hard and mefs certainly don't help the stomach. I take 200mg of magnesium to help me stay regular. My friend from France sends me Citrate de Betaine upsa 2gs which help with stomach. They don't sell in USA.My life has changed so much but I know there is always someone suffering more. My relationship with Jesus Christ keeps me going. My husband is not sympathetic to my pain and down right mean. God loves me, never leaves me nor quits on me. In the morning I can dwell on the pain or thank God I woke up, I can walk and do simple things. He makes the difference in my attitude which determines my altitude. I pray you find Him, find peace and contentment. Ask Him to show you and He will if you open your heart. Praying for you

  • Oh goodness. What pain meds are you on?

  • Do you mean a HIATUS HERNIA ? If so that is a well recognised affliction about which much info is available on-line.

  • It's actually Hyatal Hernia.

  • Not what it is usually/normally called over here in UK

    See --


  • Terribly sorry, my mistake.

  • Same thing, hiatus here in uk. Hiatal in US 😊👍

  • Toormoor I have a degenerative Spinal disease (forgot the name straightaway) I also have osteoarthritis and Diverticulitis (dodgy stomach) I understand your pain as I am having a severe bout of both just now! The injections don't work for me so I take Oramorph among a load of other meds , life is of course worth living even with the pain, I should also say today I am having a good day regarding depression, as often due to the pain and my inability to do things I used to enjoy I get very depressed . I am not a Bible thumper so won't go there I believe that with the right meds and people around you ,You will find it easier to cope . I am a bit of a loner nowadays I have panic attacks when I try to go out and its all because I feel embarrassed about my disability please do not get like me trust your family and friends (the ones who you know you can trust) and they will help you find ways to still enjoy life ,just remember that there is still plenty that you are able to do and even things you can do that others can not!

    I really hope you find the right relief and a happy medium in what you feel you can do !all the best Derek

  • Hi

    You are certainly having a bad time of it, but hopefully if they get your pain & reflux under control you may feel in a better frame of mind. There is quite a lot of ant acid medications on prescription. I too have a Hiatus Hernia. I was given an Antinflamatorie that I had a reaction to, I only took 2 tablets, but I was then continuously sick for months. I was given various ant acid medications & anti sickness tablets/injections & that went on for 2 years before they found that the highest strength Ranitidine tablets were the best suited to me. 20 years on I have still got a large Hernia,but it is too dangerous for me to be operated on & I am still taking the strongest dose of Ranitidine as I am allergic to all the new drugs that have since come out & I still have regular episodes of sickness, but I have to just guard what I eat & drink, A lot of times I can only eat bland food such as chicken boiled/ jacket potatoes, toast & plain biscuits. It can be very difficult to eat out & I have to look at menus before going to restaurants & often ordering off the menus.

    After 22 years I don't think that Henry, that's what I call my hernia, will ever go away, but I have learnt to live & adapt to it, like so many of my other medical conditions.

    You say that sometimes you feel like giving up, I think that a lot of people in this group knows exactly how you feel as does any body with a chronic medical condition, because it does get you down.

    This may cheer you up.

    I got blown over by the wind last week, I was so determined that I wouldn't fall, but the wind was so strong & I am only 4ft 10, I ended up flat on the ground & now I am nursing a broken wrist & bruises all down my left side of my body., I now see the funny side to it.

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