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Continued pain

Hi all. Im new to this. I had laprascope a month ago. Ladt week i had awful pain in left side and groin. I could not even walk. Went back for 2nd laprascope 2 days ago. I still feel the pain i had before. Have a cyst. But specialist surgron said i was constipated. I wasnt when i went in! Pain in left lower pelvic area and back. Im sure they have missed something. Help!

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Its actually quite amazing how much pain hard stool (constipation) can cause. See your GP or pharmacist to get something like movicol to help soften things up and move it through. Once back on a regular bowel pattern with normal soft bowel motions you can see if you still have the same pain. If you do, then you can go back and say it isn't related to constipation.

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I am on mita spine antidepressant and been suffering back pain since started them nearly two weeks ago anyone else suffering like this


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