Hedge End support?

Hi everyone

I live in Hedge End just outside Southampton. I have talked on here before about setting up a support/drop-in/self help group in the area for people living with chronic pain. Unfortunately due to very bad personal problems I never followed through.

If there is anyone interested in setting up or coming along to a group please get in touch with me.

I was a senior activity coordinator with bupa when I worked if anybody else can bring any 'experience ' with them please let me know.



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  • What a wonderful idea! I wish there was something like this in Fareham as Southampton is a bit too far for me to get to these days.

  • I live in Hedge End it is quite near fareham. Where abouts in Fareham? I was hoping for something maybe between (?)


  • Hello Ali, the idea of a group I could get to would be wonderful. I gave up driving in 2009 as my Fibro pain was too bad. I started driving again when I lost my hubby last year, it was a case of having to. I'm not confident to drive too far from where I live.

    please feel free to pm me any time regarding locations etc., or any other info.

    Hopefully there are more of us here locally and we can perhaps get something going, that would be wonderful!

    Hope to hear from you! :)

  • May I respectfully suggest that as this post has not even been locked to Members only, that people take great care in replying. Everything will be on show to Google and the rest of the world.

    If you wish to exchange info it is recommended that you do so via Private Messages.

  • Ok, just an oversite, nothing sinister intended.


  • I never for one moment thought that there was. It is simply that many new members appear to forget these points or are not aware of them. I just wanted to encourage people to PM you.

    Regards Rib

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