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NS Appointment?

Hi Guys,

I have had severe nerve pain in my legs and feet, for about 7 months. I have seen this doctor since the pain has started. Just recently had a ct scan which indicates buldging disc irritating the nerves in lower lumbar region. Trying to get into see a neuro- surgeon as in excruciating pain. My doctor does not feel comfortable call secretary to get an earlier appointment as I'm just a chronic pain person not someone who has a tumor in spine. Any ideas how to get an earlier appointment with NS?

Thanks Bunce.

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Hello Bunce

What do you mean by earlier appointment? Have you been given one and the waiting list is long?

You could say you are prepared to take a cancellation but these can often be at very short notice - the same day maybe.

Pat x


What I have done in past to see various consultants quickly. Is to go private for first appointment - often cost is around £150-£200. Consultant aware that I have no insurance so follow up appointments are done through NHS.


Hi bounce you are very lucky to be referred to a neuro surgeon in the 1st place, all I have been given is an appt with pain clinic where I have had a total of 3 epidural injections over 2 years, grasp this appt with both hands whenever you get it.

Keep well Sheryl


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