Hello , this is my very first post so please bear this in mind should my questions seem "easy peesey" as my children used to say! Tomorrow I have got an appointment with a consultant pharmacologist to discuss problems that I am having with my drug regimen. I feel very lucky to have this and hope to get some help. Has anyone else had an appointment of this kind and did they find it useful? Thank you

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  • Hi Parkingfairy, this is an appointment to sort your meds out and to give you the opportunity to find out what is best for you and to tell you about the different side affects, there is lot,s of help but it's sorting out which suits you best, hope you get sorted. Good luck i hope you get sorted. Triciaj

  • Thank you Triciaj, my appointment went very well and he has advised a long term strategy to reduce my drugs to a level that deals with my pain whilst improving my memory loss. I came away feeling quite hopeful. He is also referring me to a back and pain specialist group who try an holistic approach by using a group of specialists in various health disciplines to reduce pain and help you live in the best way you possibly can. I know I am lucky to have this opportunity and I will not waste it.

  • This is your chance to get your medication tailor made to your needs, make a list of all the meds you have tried and the reasons they did not suit you, side effects ect. This consultant is the expert, he/she knows more about medication then any Dr. or surgeon. I have to say you are very lucky to have this service it isn't available in many areas. If you are a nightmare to medicate ( as I am! ) this should be very helpful. I wish you well.

  • Thank you for your advice and good wishes thiskittybites. I hope you can read my response to Triciaj as I would like to give the same response to you. I've no idea if it's possible to copy and paste here! Is it ok for me to ask about your difficulties with pain? If not accept my apology.

  • I seem to be very sensitive to a lot of medications, Amytripyline gives me extreme tachycardia, Morphine,Fentanyl allergic to. Gabapentin and Pre-Gabalin caused me to fit ( not normally epileptic) Tramadol, Dihydrocodeine and oxycontin trigger Migraines. Tapentadol I can take only take in low dose because it drops my already low blood pressure to the point I got admitted to hospital. I have been described as a " challenge to medicate, anaesthetise and intubate" an accolade I could well do without.

  • Yes very useful when you are in pain it's quiet easy to get carried away and taking everything you can doesn't always work. You need to be truthful so they get a full picture but then they will work out exactly how and when to take things, I got offered acupuncture which worked for me, and instead of taking lots of strong drugs every four hours they spread it out so I had a continuous pain relief, when that stopped working they put me on slow release morphine which again worked for a lo g time. Hope it helps x

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