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A Bad Pain Day


It's not been a great 24hrs for me...

Last night around 6.30pm, I had a major spasm attack while I was coming down the stairs on my lift. These spasms were that severe that I was stuck there for over hour, as the wife was out....

Wife got home to see me stranded there on the stair, in total agony....

Today, just hasn't been a good day. I've been resting most of it....

Don't we just hate days like this....

Hope you are all fine, take care.


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Yep, we sure do hate those days Joe, been having one myself but it's not every day, it will settle is my mantra - even tho my 'normal' pain would be described by people who don't have our conditions as off the scale.

That must have been horrible to be stuck until your wife got home, I do hope that the resting is easing the spasm.

I couldn't make it up the stairs last night so slept in my reclining chair downstairs, but, at least I slept a few hours which of late is very unusual for me.

Today is another day,

Onwards and Upwards😏

Take good care

Hoping today is an improving day




Thanks for your comment Shirley, much appreciated....

It's nice to hear from someone in a similar situation....

I was going to do my gp this morning, but then I didn't see the point, as they always try and say that the pain wouldn't be that bad, that the meds your on should help.....well there not, when I get a flare up like this....

Take care



Hi Joe, I completely understand. I had this last week and it go so bad that I had to go to a&e (they were incredibly un-understanding there but that's another issue). So I share your pain, literally ha. Hope you're ok and have a lower pain day tomorrow and get some sleep. Best wishes Charlotte xx


Sorry to hear that Joe. Maybe you should have one of those panic buttons that allow you to alert someone if that kind of situation happens


36hrs after my spasm attack and am still in total agony....

Yes, I do have a community alarm, on which I haven't used in over 6mths, so I've not used the alarm button, but am wearing it now... I know, it's the story of shutting the gate once the horse has

But hey, that's the story of my life so far....



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