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Urge to cut

PLease don't instantly think I need a psych referral, but does anyone else ever feel an urge to cut themselves when the pain gets bad? I have chronic neck pain and get horrendous pressure pain under my skull. WHen it's bad and explodes into a migraine, I honestly feel the need to try to release the pressure. I don't think I would ever do it, but does anyone else ever suffer the same kinds of thoughts? I'm defo not suicidal or anything - it is purely something which my brain is trying to tell me would help with the pain, even though it would actually cause more pain! I mentioned it to my chiro, and she said the practise of acupuncture in ancient times may have been as a result of this kind of feeling that the body needs release. Anyone any thoughts? (other than that I am a mental case!!)

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There are times I could cut out the vagina because of the diabolical undiagonesed complaint of rectovaginus fistula and have had times where suicide is a real possibility.

Is there a MIND organisation near you that may be of some use to you? I have had a friend that has gone there who was distressed from a physical cause.



I do understand what you mean and no, the fact you are reaching out means you are not 'crazy', just your body is 'screaming'. There are some very complex reasonings behind cutting and self harm which include the release of mild endophins and it can be a temporary relief for physical, emotional pain and stress. However, might I suggest you talk with a counsellor just in case things are further out of balance than you are aware? It does no-one any harm to have a feelings M.O.T and it does help to be guided through chronic situations every so often. Review and relieve :)

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I've had a history of self harming and recovered and it does not mean that you're crazy. It mearly means you want to feel anything but the pain you're feeling any kind of distraction and outlet for your pain and suffering. But as you know there are other ways we can distract ourselves without causing harm to our bodies; meditation, watching movies, breathing exercises, rest etc. I'm not asking for you to seek immediate help but I do believe that there would be a benefit in talking about this with someone. Just for a way for you to express your feelings, release the pressure that you're feeling. As our emotions can build up and turn into physical sensations which could increase the pressure you're feeling.

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Hi loufoy,

I applaud your courage to share your thoughts on here.

I'm a qualified counsellor and understand totally the urge you are describing but it is neither crazy nor an indication you are suicidal. It says more about this feeling is too much and I need a means of expressing it.

As others have suggested I would really recommend an outlet for you to share those feelings of overwhelm - has your GP offered any counselling, also as has been suggested, MIND is a really good source of support and information.

Good luck, wishing you a more comfortable way through this struggle.

Very best wishes



Hi loufoy,

I too have had a history of self harming and depression and as well suffer with long-term pain.

I understand completely how you need another outlet for your pain. What I am going to suggest sounds completely stupid but may help and stop you from going down a road of self harming.

I was told to do this when I had the urge to self harm, and that was to get a tub of ice cream out the freezer and stick your finger all the way down to the bottom.

Like I said it sounds stupid but you do feel the same experience as you would with self harming.

I hope this helps.



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