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Hi, I've had a lot of pain for many years and taken many drugs over this time. I've been taking Tramadol, 8 x 50mg a day for 6 years, along with Gabapentin, 3 x 600mg and Paracetamol. This doesn't remove the pain, but makes it tolerable. A couple of weeks ag, I decided after discussion with my doctor, to try Morphine patches. I started off on Bhu-Trans 5, which helped, so I was able to reduce my Tramadol intake by half. So then I decided to try doubling the Morphine, so I could stop the Tramadol altogether. After 3 days I was almost a zombie. Really struggling to keep awake. So have now gone back to Bhu-Trans 5 again with 4 Tramadol capsules. Has anyone had this problem?

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  • I take tramodol and have been on morphine hated it! I was so tired all the time like you my brain was fuzzy as well. I felt like I was living a half life. I am on the verge of going back to Dr as !y pain levels have increased and my pain is breaking through constantly. If I have an OK day its followed by 4 awful ones. I would take the min morphine's and as many tramodol as you need. Maybe keep a record for the next few weeks. I do not know about your other meds gabapentin especially hope you get the combo right so you can enjoy better days x

  • Yes I'm back on the Bhu-Trans 5 patch plus some Tramadol. Much better, on Tramadol alone, I used to get up in a morning in agony till I took Tramadol and waited until it kicked in, with the patch I'm ok when I get up. Such is life, just keep plodding on doing the best I can. Thanks for your reply. D

  • Hi. That's how my days start! I would try and keep the tramadol if I were you but add something else. I'm taking very strong OXY pain meds but I keep the tramadol because it works on an area of nerve pain that other pain meds don't. Plus, it works as well now as it did years ago.I wish you luck and remember to keep a diary of your pain so you can see what is helping or what is making you worse.

  • Hi denm27 I feel ur pain I take pregblin 300mgx2 I in morn 1 in nyt time was on tramadole now on dyhracodine 2x4 times a day 30mgs but some some days doesn’t touch pain

    Life seems to have more days full of pain now than not I’m at gp soon for knee injections hope that helps plus I’m waiting for my back injections for my s1/l5 disc probs it gets me so down

    Hope your feeling better xx

  • Well pain gets to be a major part of your life if you let it. I have so many problems it's daft, but just won't stop doing what I want. I've only got 18 months to 2 years, so refuse to waste it. My knee is giving me an unbelievable amount of pain at the moment, the doctor wants me to sit down with it elevated and bags of frozen peas on it. I can't see the point, I walk a minimum of 7 miles a day and prefer my peas with chips. I don't expect them to fix me, it's impossible, I just want enough drugs to let me do what I want with the time I've got. I've had to reduce the Morphine at the moment, but I'll give it 2 or 3 weeks, then I'll try stepping it up again. In the end, I've nothing to lose. Thanks for any help you can offer, I'm always open to idea's. D

  • I wish you well. I wish I could just 'think' my pain away like you can. When I'm in pain I can't think of anything else! It's unbearable. I can't even cook a meal. The only thing that helps is very strong pain relief. Have a good week!

  • I feel ur pain,going thru something similar.Its a long journey,not a pleasant one.Keep ur chin up.😷😡

  • Hi Denm27 think your post is humbling good for you the fact that you are living your life to its fullest is inspired. I hope you get the drugs you need to minimize your pain. I do not have anything life limiting and cannot imagine the strength of character you must have. I think a positive mind helps overcome a lot. I agree totally that pain can become a major part of your life. I usually am upbeat but sometimes it gets so bad my days are run by the time I take my next painkillers. I hope you have the best days you can x

  • Like you see written on many Land Rovers, "One Life, Live It". It's probably a good slogan to abide by if you can. I accept that not all people are able to keep to my beliefs, but there are a lot of people around much worse off than I am. So I don't think I have a right to complain too much. Just try to to the best with what you've got. Thanks for your message and good luck for the future. D

  • I agree count your blessings as life is a gift so live it the best you can. It helps to put things in perspective x

  • I used to think there are loads of people worse off than me.

    I had an awful early life and have two mental health disorders that make day to day life hard...but I knew people suffered in pain and I was glad not to be them! Now I get that horrible pain too and wish I this was not my life!

  • I know how you feel. When I'm having a bad day I just can't cope at all. No amount of posture thinking can help this kind of pain. It's pain that I would go to A&E for (if they gave you anything, and they don't) keep strong!

  • Well of course you're going to be a zombie you're taking a lot of opiates and that will make you sleepy. If you want to stay on it then I will tell you that eventually you will get used to that dosage and you won't be a zombie anymore. Otherwise you need to stay on the original prescription of morphine.

  • Yes I agree, but I've never really suffered from any side effects and when I was I a Bhu-Trans 5 with Tramadol, I was fine. The doctor agreed that switching to the 10 and dropping the Tramadol should be fine. But it was probably too soon after starting on Morphine. So I'll talk to him on Monday and stick to the 5 plus Tramadol for a while before trying again. Thanks for your comments. D

  • I got used to up to 60mg OXY a day with 40mg instant relapse on top. Took time for be to not look so drugged! Have a good week!

  • You will have to do a lot if trial and error,its not an easy task.Im doing this with my fentanyl patches atm .Sometimes i feel like im on a magical ,painful mystery tour with no tour guide.I wish you the best of luck 😷😡

  • Well at least it’s not boring, one helps for a bit, then you have to change. But I can live with a certain amount of pain, but RLS is a different prospect all together. Nobody that hasn’t had it, can possibly understand what it’s like. When you’re absolutely knackered but dreading going to bed. I wonder what the suicide level is for sufferers.

  • I know that in the US there has been a considerable increase in suicides of chronic pain patients. It's because doctors are taking away patients opiates because there is a "opiate crisis" and everybody thinks that that is the way to control addiction to opiate. So doctors in fear of losing their license have begun reducing or eliminate opiate prescriptions for pain patients. Sometimes even cold turkey though others have done the taper method. The whole thing is just a mess. But we pain patients cannot survive this pain so our only option is suicide.

  • Wow....fentanyl. You must be in awful pain. Did you start on tramadol then morphine-----OXY etc?

  • I really would love to go on the patch. I was on the patch for a week when I was in the hospital many years ago. They didn't like my prescriptions the way they were written so they put me on the patch. I just found it was a more even pain control then what I was taking at the time which was oxy ER. And of course I also take something for breakthrough pain. I don't know if being on the fentanyl patch if you would need breakthrough drugs.

  • I know I might sound dumb, but what is fentanyl? I've been on Co-Codomol, Tramadol and now Morphine. But it's not one I've heard of. Thanks D

  • I would google this subject as its a serious pain relief medication much stronger than OxyContin. It's wise to read the correct information.

  • Thanx for replying,have to ask whats RLS? Its like a fulltime job dealing with Drs ,pain doctors,orthopaedic surgeons,neurosurgeons etc etc. It does get overwhelming.

  • Restless legs syndrome, you can't sleep, because you legs feel like they're full of insects. I know it sounds daft, but it's really not. Have a look around this site, there's lots of people who suffer from it.

  • Yep i know what it is,just couldnt think straight.One of my best mates had it,unfortunately he took his own lufe 2 yrs ago,had a lot going on in his head.I remember it drove him crazy.Wouldnt wish it on my worse enemy .

  • I had it for years, until recently, it was the bane of my life. I could cope with pain, but rls brought me very close to the edge. I try to keep very cheerful, in spite of all my problems, but not sure how I would react if it returned. All the best to you and keep soldiering on as best you can. D

  • And you keep ur chin up 🙄

  • That is torture of mind. Not knowing when you can rest.

  • I tried the patches, they didn't agree with me so I went back to Oramorph. I still take tramabol with it but only 4 a day.

    If you feel the effect of the drug it means you are taking to much. Patches are slow release so much harder to control the amount you need when you need it.

  • Hi , I can sympathise with you on the patches , my first encounter was with morphine patches but they did not suit me at all I like you became a zombie . My GP then decided to try me with Oramorph the liquid solution and that was better as you just take it by the dosage you need at the time . I feel for me the patches were constant into my body . Don't get me wrong they work for many but seems like me you cannot tolerate them. The Oramorph was a complete life saver for me I could take it when I needed it the most and it worked & I was no longer a zombie once I had the correct dosage , which is also trial and error I`m afraid.

    You need to speak to your GP and see if you can try the Oramorph but please make sure you let your GP know of your concerns .

    Since then my problems have increased and I now have Zomorph tablets (morphine ) but I do hope that your problems don't need you to take the tablets .

    Hang in there as a solution is possible , I don't blame you for trying to get rid of Tramadol I ditched it too .

  • Thanks for your advice, I'll certainly keep it in mind. Just this minute spoken to my doctor and we've decided that I should try going back to the Bhu-Trans 5 patches + Tramadol. I was ok there a couple of weeks ago. Thanks again. D

  • Your welcome .

  • Im on gabapentin 600mg 4x a day,trying to cut it down a bit.Fentanyl patch 25 mcg and 15 mcg.I take celebrex 200mg every morning,this is extremely helpful,tramadol when needed,i can also have tramadol injections if i need them.I have been on norspan patches but they wont stick to me and as i do hydrotherapy 2x a week, they wouldnt be practical,although they did help,the fentanyl patches are a hell of a lot smaller,i hold them on behind my bra so they tend to stay on.Have to take them off when ishower as i have lost a few down the drain.Also have to be careful when im swimming cose if yhey come off and adhere to a child this could prove fatal.I have 2x grandkids and i was swimming ,teaching the young fella how to swim when i noticed the patch was on him.I almost passed out,had to ring a poisons info line,all was ok but scary ,havevto be extra careful.

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