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Need you out their more then last time...hear goes had my MRI told my spine in badly damaged no a.s.their...please!!!!!

Went rumotigist today .she read my scan .asked if been in car accident or horse???? No..why is it so damaged ??it says..there are spondylotic bony abnormalitys?? Lower..mild contour irregularity at end plates L4(5.and L5(s1 levels.narrowing of deganertive disc tissue L4(5 and L5s1??? Building of disc tissue at L3(4.L4)5.L5(s1.there's contour disc tosses at L3.4L4.5.and L5 s1????there's irregularly at left lateral aspect of vereberal arc L5???? The left L5 nurve root is obscured immediately at level lateral recess.with epidural space on t1..???s1 nurve very prominent.and more.....then summary...spondylosis in lower lumber..mils spondylarthrosis?????hypointence abormailty around left L5 nurve root..disc protrusion L5 s1 right nurve root????please help and tell me what's really goes on enlarge met of right s1. Need furfer investigation s..narrowing subarachoid space L4.5 due to fibrosis tissue and disc protrusion L3.4.... now I think can make out have 2 disc protrusions???? No my legs been killing!!!??or she said name for a in ward bottom spine ??forgot..or and have fibro..joint.dizziness..pain..tingling etc but she thinks ..m.e.and the head thing..I joint memory is bad..tingerling etc...bad..has time goes on help I begg???!!!need more then advicexxx

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I had replied to your other post before I saw this one. Did the rheumatologist offer any pain relief? She suggested further investigations. What kind? Who is arranging?

Reply no help advice!!??or anything..she told me l must of had a car accident!!!!I haven't!!no wonder I feel so down...cry in painmto my self..xxxxi knew how you feel with sore legs lower back!!do you think this would cause upper pain too?????x


I don't understand the purpose of the appointment then. Surely there was an outcome. Did you ask her any questions?


Calceorlaria..believe me I did ask!!why am I in pain joint..back etc???she said my spines badly damaged!!don't knew why..need to go pain clinic!!been 3 times didn't help!!oh my lower spine is curved inward??lshe said name forgot!!I felt I was rushed!!she didn't like me asking her qustionts,, my wrists very sore ..almost has sore has legs..I understand dizziness..muscle pain tired ness could be fribo!!but knees etc no!outcome she don't need to see me again!!I've looked up the sondylarthsis!! But don't understand,,all my adult life been in pain,moroie don't like at all..what should I do???


Try an Alexander teacher. they may be able to help with the pain by helping you re-train your muscles to function better.

Hope this helps


I have been seeing a sports massage therapist and so far it seems to be helping. So many sore, tight, tense muscles, ligaments and tendons.


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