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Ordering medication online?


I suffer from endometriosis which is a very painful condition. There is a legal medication available in many countries which is meant to be very effective, but sadly not the UK. I'm at the point where I'm prepared to buy the drug online but I'm struggling to find a way of obtaining a prescription in the UK. Would anyone be able to help advise me on how to do this? I've been told that UK doctors only prescribe UK drugs, is that true?

Many thanks

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I'd be vfery careful about by drugs on-line.

Are they really what they say they are?

Do you need monitoring while on it?

What if you get side effects?

Will it affect any other illnesses you have?

Are you on any other meds that may interact with it?

There must be a good reason for it being banned in the UK. Look into that before doing anything.

You can talk to a pharmacist about meds. They often can suggest a change that's better based purely on your condition. GP's are slaves to the drug companies - get payouts if they sell x amount of certain drugs, even if they don't really work for you. That's why even though there are many drugs out there, everyone is on the same half dozen.

Some GP's are sometimes reluctant to prescribe a pharmacy suggestion, but if you ask to trial it for a month and then review, they usually comply.


I don't know but please, please, don't buy medication online. It's far too dangerous. You need an understanding pain consultant. There are so many options. My pain consultant changed my life. I was taking up to 10 Tramadol at a time. Please be careful


I had a somewhat similar problem, being in the US, the meds I take for migraine are legal, but my insurance wouldn't pay for it b.c. there is no generic equivalent. $200/ per 6 pills. So my Dr. researched & found a good online pharmacy in Canada, which is registered & approved by some kind of regulatory agency. I get my pills from there now, and it now costs me $200 for 40 pills. Quite a difference. There are legal, approved online pharmas. Maybe your Dr. can help you w/ this. What is the name of the med? You could research it online maybe, that's what my Doc did for me.


I had that 24+ years ago. It's horrible. I took a lot of those medicines but it really destroys your bones plus you can only be on them a short time. I had to get a total hysterectomy when I was 30. After getting over the surgery and coming to terms with not being able to have another child I felt much better until years latter I got fibromyalgia. Best of luck sweetheart and if I can help answer anymore questions let me know!!!


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