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Chronic pain in all its guises causes many of us so many problems, we all know of the problems associated with it, we should never sit down and just accept it as a thing that follows us around like a bad haircut. We will mostly always try and suppress it, we feel that life should be able to offer something better than having to tolerate it day in day out..

Fair enough what can we do about it can we grumble day in day out or can we say to ourselves, look I need to get on with our lives in some restricted form even if it is just pruning an apple tree or pick the rhubarb for Sunday dinner, if it takes all day or you can only work for half an hour in restrictive actions so what it is giving us the possibility of performing a positive action, this helps us feel that at least I have attempted a task even in a tortured manner.

Much of the pain we suffer, will most probably be always with us, we need to live our lives and keep a positive thought throughout our laboured lives. We can stop when we are dead

All the best, the rhubarb crumble was great tonight


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I hope you had custard with it Bob nothing quite so lovely yummmm!

I completely agree we need to be positive upbeat take charge of our pain it is the only way xgins


If I had to choose between a bad haircut and a bad pain day I'd go with the pain. You get sympathy with pain (sometimes), only funny looks with the hair. Every cloud has a silver lining.

On the other hand you can at least disguise the bad hair with a hat. And it grows out in the end.

(Sorry, this is really flippant. In an ideal world I would have luscious flowing locks that don't go frizzy AND no pain whatsoever, but I missed out on the hair genes and the perfect skeleton genes. Oh well, I did OK with rhubarb crumble making genes though, can't have everything.).


Agree with you BOB, we have to make the best of it, life is too short and life is for living we all have to find our own way of getting through the day, pain or not and it is rarely not...but we must stay positive.


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