Pain Concern

UK RSD/CRPS Sufferers nows your chance to make a difference

Parlimentary Debate will be next Tuesday at 4.30Pm

I know a trip down to London wiil leave me barely able to function for a week and as I am ultra-hypersensitive any knock or bump may cause a spread or start somewhere new but only by us being there can we make them realise how bad this is and hopefully if enough of you contact me on to say your coming we might get meeting and a lot of press involvement

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Well done you! Hopefully the excitement of the day and a sense of purpose may reduce your pain. I am sorry I can't come but rooting for you all, and thanking you all so much. I'll be watching on TV! Wishing you every success, then the endorphins will take your pain away for the day (I'm not minimising your suffering, I have CRPS). Of course I'll sign any petitions etc.


If you can e-mail me I have a press release you could send to your localPaper TV and Radio Stations and if you are willing have them interview you. If that is OK I'd like to add your e-mail address to the National Release


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