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One of our problems that we seem to worry about is the demon drink,and should we have the odd tipple when we have too take strong medications. All I can say is,personally if you are sensible and you know your limits there is no harm. That is my position and cannot talk about it for anyone else. I would never say its ok,for you or anyone else.Personally i find it sometimes helps to relax me into the evening, and if it has been a hectic day it just helps me relax, even though I take many medications mentioned every day on this web page.

My doctor knows I will have the odd beer and dram it is not every night,i am not at the pub, ,just watching the tv, and I know not to go over the limit that I have set for many decades.

Life is bad enough,when we have a problem that saps our strength and causes us to wimper in pain most days of the year.We have to have some form of relaxation some people still smoke, life is full of risks we need to compartmentilise and take small risks.

I would never,force it down anyones neck.

Tonight Is I have a tot of grouse and a beer I will sit here all night with two glasses by my side, the hospital knows as the GP, they trust me not having too much and treat me as a responsible adult

The old saying,one GP to drunk , have you a problem with drink

Drunk no have drink fall down no problem comes to mind



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Slainte Bob!


Spiced hot toddies in winter and cool fruit and wine spritzers in summer.


Hello Zanna will drink to that





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