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Crunched up

On thing close to my heart is suitable seating that prevents stresses in spine, neck and hips it can transmit to head and give headaches

When purchasing a seat, modern seating is very low this is counter productive, to low, when sitting to difficult to get out.or sit down.

This causes the body to low squat in turn it puts pressure on the lower spine and hips, when we rise it puts pressure on hips, spine middle lower back shoulders the list goes on, when these problems the user can even have headaches from the spinal cord.

Now the body cannot relax stresses are always there.

When purchasing a new seat look for a high back, the seat should enable the feet sit firmly on the floor, the knees should be straight, and knees should sit to hug the nose of the cushion. Posture in the seat is important to me the back should be straight and neck and shoulders supported by the back of the seat,armrests should be at the hight of your elbow, your arm should be straight.

The best chair should be firm with a cushion that gives support.

When buying a seat check the cushion depth and and length, check the the height of the cushion, Good furniture shops should be able to have these mesurements a good selection should be available.One company I know has this type of furniture.

If you want a recliner the same applies the legs should be straight out back straight or reclined with good support power riser recliner are good this takes stress of spine and legs when rising all of above applies here.also

Riser recliners are expensive, although a company I use sells of dem models or returns, at good discount prices, Vat is refunded for these. typres of seat.

When choosing try for above, sit for say 15 mins in quiet feel the seat, move around in it. stand sit, make sure there is good support, do not be rushed. remember this seat will be with you for about 10-15 years, they are an investment in health, YOURS.

All the best



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Good advice, I am saving up for a new seat as my sofas hurt me as not enough support will definitely take advice on board


We got a new 2 and 3 seater sofa there just after the New Year, now the Auld sofa I admit had seen it's day, except my recliner....on which I kept.

It's my life safer, it's so perfect for me, it's so easy to get in and out off, it's very comfortable...

And yes, it's easy too nod off on...

The kids go no where near it...

This is my heaven this recliner...



We have a dept that makes made to measure chairs, I think anyone with a qualifying condition can use them. They are not cheap though.

IKEA do a good range of ergonomic work chairs. I have 2 different ones, because a slight change in seating means a slight chasnge in posture and different muscles are used.

I am saving up for an antigravity chair - you sit and end up lying in it.

I went to London to the back specialist shop. Some of the chairs do not look like chairs but modern sculpture. They advised to make small changes, lije usibg a coxxyx cushion. Even if theres nothing wrong with your coxxyx. It tilts your pelvis slightly forward so it is in the ideal position. And its portable so you csn takecit anywhere. They also said to make sure chairs are at the right height (should be a right angle between back and thighs, and another one between thighs and shins. Feet should be firmly on the floor with toes pointing forwards.

And when you finslly get yourself into the correct sittibg position, it feels so alien. So this is another thing that needs to be built up over time.

The back to front chairs are good to, and if you have good balance, the large balls. I've recently seen some balance stools. They correct body balance, but I'm not sure how helpful they would be to someone who has balance problems. They look fun though.

Various charities lend the electric riser chair. My Grandpa had one from the Parkinson's society.


Yes a good recliner is the best bit of furniture you can buy,I was left a few bob by an uncle who died last year. The first thing I treated myself to was a recliner chair ,it will also stand me up. I am looking to the future I have lumber stenosis osteo arthritis in a lot of joints and unable to walk more than a few steps without pain. I must say first and foremost it is soooooo comfortable it relieves the pain in my back,and I so enjoy its a pity I have to go to the loo occasionally .x

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