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Q about boosting immune system

I am newly dxd with cll. I have stage 0 rai, but my cd38 was 86% which is scary; I was hoping for the mutated gene that indicates long stability. Does anyone here have that poor prognosis marker and still on "watchful waiting" for a long time?

I've ready that for some leukemias, boosting the immune system is the last thing I want to do. Is that the case with CLL? I have an array of supplements and am eating a clean nutrient dense diet, but don't want to screw things up.

Any advice and support is much appreciated.



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I don't know where you read not to boost your immune system. That sounds crazy to me since your immune system has to fight the cancer. In fact when they give you chemo and it knocks down your immune system even more and one of the side effects is the cancer spreading. I'd really check on that because that doesn't make any sense to me. MD Anderson is the best cancer center in the world in my opinion and they have nutritionists on staff that help you to build your immune system against cancer and even more so after chemo. As far as genes go you don't want anything mutated as far as I've heard. You want them all in tact with all of your chromosomes in tact. A deleted P17 chromosome used to be very very bad but they have so many new drugs that are kicking ass on almost all Leukemias it is very hopeful for everyone. The better your diet is the better you will feel and the better you will get through Chemo. Check out the Budwig diet. Joanna Budwig was nominated for 7 nobel price awards and had a 50% cure rate taking in many very sick stage 4 patients and people that were too far gone for treatment. She healed them on all natural diets, exercise, morning sunshine on the beach and a very strong mental attitude.


I'm recently diagnosed too with the poor prognosis gene. I'm also W&W


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