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Canadian and UK CLL Patients Here? Speak Up!

Greetings CLL friends - especially those from Canada or UK - if you read this. We are often asked whether we know patients who would be willing to be interviewed over the phone about their life with CLL. Typically this is for research for pharma who are developing new medicines and they want to see if what they think is true is grounded in reality. Personally I think we should sound off and I often do so they get it right. In this case there is modest compensation for you giving of your time. I wouldn't suggest this if I didn't think it could lead to better medicines. If you are Canadian or from the UK, are 65 or older (like me!), and are now or have recently been taking idealisib or ibrutinib please let me know and how to reach you. Thanks!

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Hi Andrew.

Responding to your posting . I have experience with both idealisib and ibrutinib, but as a carer rather than a patient. (The patient has since died). Would this experience be relevant for your purposes?

If so,

I am a patient advocate in the UK and am keen to help in any way possible to further the patient cause.

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So sorry about the death of your loved one. Thank you for responding. let me check.

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