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Mucinous Cystradenoma borderline malignancy

I had a lump removed from my abdominal wall which has been tested and have been diagnosed with the above last week.

Has anyone experienced it? I was told it MAY secondary and could have come from the ovaries or appendix. Has anyone come across this before? Was it the same strain (borderline) ? What treatment is required? Can it be the only source?

I know nothing about it whatsoever? Any info will be greatly received. Thank you

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Hi there

I had a similar finding after a surgery to remove an ovarian cyst , so know what you are going through.

It is also known as a borderline mucinous tumour. I understand that this is a form of ovarian cancer that is not yet invasive. Generally these tumours have a very good prognosis , but you will need to be followed up carefully as they can recur. If it has come from an ovary it may need to be removed as well , but this depends on your age and whether or not you have had children. Once you have had kids or whatever I understand that some doctors recommend a hysterectomy.

Chemo or radiotherapy is not effective against these cancers , I have been told . I am not a doctor and this is just what I was told and is more or less what other girls with similar diagnoses have been told. I have been fine since and so will you , fingers crossed.

It is alot to take in and it is so easy to forget what you have been told. I presume that you will be having a follow up appointment , it may help to write down any questions you have and to bring somebody with you if you can.

Ovacome has a wonderful specialist nurse that you can just ring up , do consider giving her a call tomorrow.

Take care and let us know how you get on.


Mine was borderline and it was removed over 10 years ago now. I was lucky, it was diagnosed and treated before anything had spread too quickly. My tumours were in the ovaries and omentum. I had a radical hysterectomy, and have been healthy ever since. I had to have check-ups every so often for 5 years. A borderline diagnosis is explained on the Ovacome website, where there are lots of fact sheets under the 'resources' tab. One explains the different type of tumour. It's at

All the best

I hope your treatment turns out to fix the problem

Love Wendy xx


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