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Hi lady's I have just had my gynaecologist appointment Sandra xx

Hi lady's

I have just had my gynaecologist appointment come for the 25th April is that too long to wait as I am in a lot of pain and my pain killers don't seem to be taking much affect tabs are ( tramadol) any info please much appreciated

Sandra xx

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That does seem a long time in the circumstances. The other thing that occurs to me is presumably you will need surgery but when is the clock going to start ticking for that? Before or after your gynae appointment? Another thing, and without wishing to freak you out completely, is this just a gynaecologist you're seeing or a gynae-oncologist? I think you should be insisting on the latter.

The Ovacome team should be able to give you some good advice on this. Also, there are NICE guidelines for the procedures to be followed in cases of suspected OC. Here's the link -

I hope this helps a bit. I know how worrying all this is so do keep coming back with your concerns.

Linda xx


Dear Sandra

I'm sorry you've been told you've got to wait so long. I had an appointment within a week of an ultrasound scan after my GP discovered a lump and suspected a serious gynaecological problem. I would be inclined to go back to your GP and explain how bad the pain is. I had to do this and was given stronger pain killers than Tramadol. It unacceptable to be waiting a month in these circumstances. My gyna appointment wasn't at my local hospital but it was worth the effort of travelling a bit of a distance to get the ball rolling. The appointment was with a gynaecologist and not an gynae-oncologist but the referral to the latter followed very swiftly and the gynaecologist was able to identify the problem and refer me.

I really hope you can bring forward this appointment. Best of luck. xxx love Annie


Its simple, ask for a more urgent appointment, you tend to find the appointments clerk is not in tune with the oncologist, I remember my oncologist refusing the given date and requesting a sooner date. GET ON THAT PHONE......


You could also ring the gynaecologist secretary, they are usually the best people to speak to, the problem with strong painkillers is constipation and you don't want to add that to your problems.

Best of luck

Chris x


Dear Sandra,

I would say that this is an unnacceptable time lag, I have always found the receptionists very helpful in trying to squeeze me in at a tie that suits. Just a thought tho, school holidays are looming and perhaps your gynae/oncologist is having time off with the kids, or someone else is and she is covering.

School holidays should not come into the equation but I have found it affects all sorts of things in the medical field from longer waiting times to GPs not carrying out medicals (for which they charge oodles) during school holidays.

Phone to see what can be done.

All the best. Joanna



I thought that if the GP suspected something they put you on the two week rule which means they should see you with in two weeks of referral. I was lucky all my appointments came back quickly speak to your GP about getting you fast tracked.



Thank you once again ladies I changed my appointment from 25 to 15 April just a little over two weeks that's the earliest appointment they had got but its better that the 25th April will let you know what ca125 tests results are as soon as I get them they don't hurry themselves in the midlands. Sandra xx


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